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  August 2020  
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#16 July Nexus Weekly Newsletter 2020          


            News from Pastor Denise

Dear Beloved Family,

Since March, we have all been trying to navigate the pandemic with fortitude, faith and love. And as a church, we have been using our varied gifts in the community and serving others while holding out hope of somehow returning to St. Andrew’s for worship. Your St. Andrew’s staff has been working hard in these months to create a plan to bring us together in creative, safe and healthy ways.

Toward that end, our Reopening Plan has been submitted and approved by our District Superintendent. We now have the opportunity to return to worship in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings beginning on September 13th.

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07.29.2020 Devotional

Dear Friends,

Writer Langston Hughes wrote a poem about what happens when a dream is deferred. I have been reflecting on this poem over the past week, and it sums up where we are in light of the pandemic. Prior to the virus, we all had dreams of where we would be, where our lives would be, where society would be. Once we realized the pandemic was real, we went into a different dream state. We focused on things getting back to where they were, and hopefully, in as short a time as possible. And now, we are coming to the realization that we need to and have to dream new dreams.

I know this is difficult, but God is always dreaming new dreams for us. Let’s spend time this week opening our hearts and minds to a new reality that God has planned for us.

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Please join us (Pastor Denise hosts Tuesdays) on zoom for
a Tuesday morning Prayer Group at 9:00 am.
For the next few weeks, my prayer theme is Unraveled.

Unraveled is exactly how many of us have been feeling first through the pandemic and quarantine and now with the strong cry for justice from voices crying out across our nation.  For me, the word “unraveled” holds a lot of anxious, exhausted energy.  That’s exactly what I’ve sensed in our country and world these days.

What happens when our world seems to be falling apart? How do we press onward when our tightly knit plans unravel into loose threads? What do we become when our identity - or the path we are on - comes undone?

In our unraveling, sometimes life surprises us with unexpected joy, love, and hope—with a new beginning we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes we need God to unravel us, for we long to be changed.

Over the next few weeks, I will be exploring stories of unraveled shame, identity, fear, grief, dreams, and expectations. These are stories where God meets us in the spiraling, unraveling of our plans, and us, into something new.

Please join us. You can find us via
Click on  online faith formation.  Click on  Morning Prayer.


Lectionary Study Group

Have you ever wanted to comment on one of my sermons, or wanted to know why I focused on one area at the expense of another area? Have you ever been interested in learning more about the context of a particular biblical story? Well, I am interested in your comments.

I am holding a Lectionary Study Group via zoom. We would get together each week to look at the text that will be preached on the coming Sunday. The class time would be one hour.

If you are interested in attending, let’s plan to get together every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. Please call the SAUMC Office for link information.

All are invited, and I hope to see you - Pastor Denise


St. Andrew’s UMC remains closed for now.
In compliance with current state and denominational directives and health concerns, all in-person meetings, as well as indoor and outdoor events will continue to be cancelled till further notice. Our staff and congregation are following the Stay At Home directives from WA State.
If you need to reach the Pastor Denise (email at
or the Church Office at 360 491-2030,
and someone will return your call. Kathy is checking voicemail and email remotely throughout the day.





Your giving is an act of worship and makes possible our ministry of changing lives, transforming communities and renewing the church.

St. Andrew’s Mission Statement

Our mission as a congregation is with God’s help to build a community that explores faith, experiences the living presence of God, and shares what we have come to know with others.

St. Andrew's Reopening Plan

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  • Online Gathering Sunday
    – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


  • Morning Prayer (Monday through Saturday) OR call 1 253 215 8782 and enter 378 293 561 when prompted
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  • Bread of Life Spiritual Formation - Call Church Office for ZOOM Link 360-491-2030
    – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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