Weekly Devotionals

11.11.2020 Devotional

11.11.2020 Devotional

Veterans' Day Prayer

God, we give you thanks today for our nation's veterans. We honor them for their faithful service to our country, and for what they have done to defend and preserve our freedom. Generation after generation, young men and women have answered our country's call. And as a result, their lives have been changed forever.

We are grateful to all who have served, whether in peacetime or in periods of conflict. But today we especially remember those who have been tempered by fire. We remember those who continue to bear wounds of the body or the spirit as a result of what they endured. They lie in our veterans' hospitals or struggle for recovery in rehabilitation centers; they suffer from post-traumatic stress and survivor's guilt; they yearn for peace in their hearts, minds and souls.

Dear God, we ask you to heal their wounds, to banish whatever inner demons may haunt them, and to give them peace within so they may return fully to their families and to society.


We thank you, God, for all of our country's veterans—those of past generations, and those who continue to earn this title today. May we never forget what our country has asked of them and what they have given in return. Help us to care enough to give them the respect and honor they are due. And strengthen our resolve to build a world modeled on your realm, where war will be pursued no more.

This we ask in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen.

Blessings, Pastor Denise

Prayer Requests:

1. Janie Haney-Stover (Prayer request: My Friend Helen Passed away on 11/4 prayers for the family, Prayers for the Watson and Davis family in WV over the lost of their Father and Mother. Prayers for those touched by Cancer and suffer from Chronic Pain. Prayers for our Country during this time.)

2. Prayer of Thanksgiving Lois Brighten is on the mend and doesn't need wound care from a home healthcare nurse anymore.

3. Continued prayers for all those that are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and aren't able to see their loved ones during COVID.

Pledge Cards:

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