Update on Dolores Todd

Her is an update on Dolores Todd: (10.01.2020)

Dolores completed her 2 month preoperative work up for her Aortic Valve replacement last week. I dropped her off at the hospital door at 5 AM Wednesday. Thanks to Covid-19, I said goodby at the door and came home to wait for a call. At 9:45 the call came that the operation was over and she did well. They looked at her heart blood vessels and only minimal hardening of these arteries. Not bad for a 91 year old. She was in recovery for 3 hours. The anesthetic wore off about 4 PM and I got to talk to her. They plan on her discharge Thursday about 11 AM. Thanks all for the prayers.



This is from Dolores Todd, she came home from the hospital and sent an email....

Came home today.  I am so weak right now but I knew I had to get out of the hospital and get home where I could heal at my own forced pace.  Increase my strength.  Covid has been especially hard on the elderly, and we are all weakened by inactivity.  I guess God still has a use for me, somehow I can help someone.  My kids were all worried as well as Bob, I was not sure about doing it, but Bob wants me around for awhile so I can try.  My heart failure should get better. I will have PT come, perhaps they can help with my dizziness. 

I went into Surgery, asking God to let me live if He wanted me to be here.  So He does.  I told the docs I was scared, they painted my nose with Iodine, put a mask on me and told me to breathe.  I said, what was in it, they saaid Oxygen.  I knew there was something else but I breathed it in, relaxed, and the next thing I knew, I was in recovery and they were trying to wake me up.  So I will patiently try to improve myself now, but wont be worth much for a while.  Dolores  I have a aortic by-pass.  2 cardiovascular surgeons,2 vascular surgeons, 2 interventional cardiologists,a cardiologist at the procedure.  How could I not make it? Dolores

In am breathing better,  Dolores  Thank you so much for your prayers.  My kids and grand kids all thought about me all day and of course Bob.

  January 2021  
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