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Pastor Denise

Summer is coming to an end, and many are trying to get in a last bit of travel before the school season begins. As I think about traveling, I am reminded of a legend of the Apollo 11 astronauts and how they trained for their space mission by spending time in the moon-like deserts in Arizona.

On one of their training expeditions, a couple of the astronauts met an old Native American man who asked them why they were there. They replied that they were soon going to travel to the moon. The old man fell silent and then asked them to do him a favor. He said, “My people believe that holy spirits live on the moon; and I would like you to pass on an important message to them from my people.” The astronauts agreed, so the man taught them to say something in his tribal language. He had the astronauts repeat it until he was sure they had memorized it correctly. But he wouldn’t tell the men what it meant, claiming it was a secret that only the moon spirits were allowed to know.

When the astronauts returned to their base, they searched until they found someone else who understood the native language so they could find out the meaning of this secret message. When they repeated what the man had told them, the translator laughed uproariously. When he calmed down, the astronauts asked him what it meant. He said their memorized statement was this: “Don’t believe a single word these people are telling you. They have come to steal your lands.”

There is humor, sadness and a deep poignancy in this legend. I love the idea of astronauts like Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong memorizing a phrase to share with moon spirits, and I am struck by the desire of this Native American wise man to warn others about the avarice of American culture; even if the others are moon spirits.

We too quickly forget or ignore the Native American roots of our beautiful state; much of which was profoundly shaped by tribal communities; the Snoqualmie, the Puyallup, the Nisqually. Many of the tribes migrated to this region after being chased from their lands farther east.

It is common for human beings to define themselves by the land upon which they live. But sadly, much of modern history has involved displacing original land residents to make way for new colonies, settlements, and those seeking to claim profits from the God-given natural resources intended for all.

Wherever you may travel this summer, strive to walk gently and thoughtfully over the face of the earth. Be mindful of those who have gone before you—in many cases, those forcibly removed from the land upon which you stand. Be good stewards on behalf of those who will come after you.

Such is the perspective that is in keeping with our faith in the God who was, who is and who will be—the One who is Lord from the rising of the sun until its setting—the Creator and Great Spirit over us all.

Safe Travels,

Pastor Denise

Rally Sunday

Join us in worship on Sept 8th for Rally Sunday. It’s kind of a vintage term, but for many, it reminds us of a new beginning in the life of the church.

On Rally Sunday we welcome back our Sunday School and we lift up all of our Christian Education classes. We will dedicate our Sunday School teachers and helpers, as well as our Worship helpers and music leaders.

There are many involved in planning, teaching and preparing the programs of our church. We have many to thank for giving of your time and talent to make our church an open and safe place where all are welcome and where the love of God is shared.

We hope to see you on Sept 8th as we ‘rally together’ in the start of a new season.

Music Notes

Hello everyone,

Yes, it is that time! Choir is back; time to sing and soon it will also be time for the bells to ring. Many great things are in store for us all this year. I would like to start up with our usual Wednesday night rehearsals and we can begin on Wednesday the 11th: Praise team would begin at 6 pm and choir would begin at 7 and rehearse until 7:30. I will need some feedback regarding dinner/potluck on the evening of the 11th (Janie’s birthday—there must be dessert!) and choir will sing on Sunday the 15th. Choir, please be in touch with me to coordinate for the pot luck and of course, to let me know if you are planning to sing with us again this year (and this certainly includes bell choir members, too.) I’m looking forward to getting organized and starting another year of great fun and many musical and spiritual rewards. Thank you so much.

Oh, and no Nexus article would be complete without an open invitation to everyone to come and join us! Thanks again ~Paul

Thurston County Hunger Walk

We will walk around Capital Lake on Sunday, September 22nd @ 3:00pm. Funds benefit the Thurston County Food Bank; Senior Services for South Sound; and the Community Kitchen Feeding programs. 100% of all donations stay local to assist our hungry neighbors! Contact Pastor Denise or the Church Office if you would like to participate.

Support Senior Services for South Sound

On Saturday, October 19th at the Red Lion Inn in Olympia from 10:00-12:30. Come out and help support the senior services center in Lacey. For information on the breakfast please talk with Virgil Clarkson. There will also be a raffle to win a 12 day Cruise on Holland America Cruise Line in June. Tickets for the raffle are $20.

Singles Luncheon

September 18th @ 12:30 p.m. at Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon. We invite all adult singles (divorced, widowed, separated, never married) to join us for a no-host lunch and conversation. Questions or RSVP to: Lois Brighten (360) 412-7933

Let’s Grow Together

Congregational Care Training

Tumwater UMC 2-4pm

Sept 14th, 2019

Do you feel the nudge to reach out to our sick and shut-ins, but don’t feel that you know what to do? If you are interested in reaching out to those who don’t get to be in church as much as they would like. Join us for a 2-hour workshop in Congregational Care. You will learn some tips and techniques to build your listening skills and your confidence in reaching out to our homebound church family.

Prayer Requests

You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.

Please Pray for God peace & presence

St. Andrew’s Families:

—Dave Reed

—Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Dick Hinchcliffe

—Vi Statler

—Tom Lund

—Virgil Clarkson

—Mary Novy

—Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley

—Phil & Pat Latimer

—John Britcher

—Bob Scheuerman

—Sara Lyon

—Mary Novy

—Marian McKusker

—Dale Spiegel


Pictures for the Website

After talking to several people, we would all like to see more picture of events at St Andrew’s on the website. If you have taken any pictures this past year, please let me know or send them to me at You can also take them into Kathy at the office during the week and she will download them in a special file "pictures for the website". We are hoping to share pictures of activities with others and show them what we do at St. Andrew’s UMC!

Gretchen Borck, SAUMC Webmaster

Quilters Update

The Quilters will begin their regular 4th Tuesday meetings on September 24. We'll be sharing projects and ideas that have accumulated over the summer and making plans for future months. Bring your ideas and projects for show-and-tell. We can make a new set of table toppers for the Fellowship functions. Also we need a few baby quilts and adult quilts for Comfort Quilts. A quilt has been made for a Fall Raffle, date to be determined.

We start about 10:00 and have a potluck lunch at 12:00. We try to finish about 2:00. Come when you can and share your love with us.

Barb Ullmann, 360-491-2693

Children & Youth Ministries

With the beginning of a new school year, youth activities are starting up again. Youth Sunday school classes will begin on September 8. We will have a "Meet the Pastor" time for all youth grades K-12 at 10 am.

Starting September 15, Sunday school class for grades K-5 will meet during church service each Sunday after the Children's Sermon. Classes for grades 6-12 will meet every other Sunday at 10:00 am. For the month of September older students will meet on the 22nd.

Also during September, the area Methodist collective youth group will be organizing and planning monthly activities for the rest of the year.

Prayers for our Military Members

We invite you to pray for members of our church family serving in the military. If you have a family member in the armed services, please send their name, rank and branch to the church so that we may list the person on our prayer list.

Preschool News

We are so excited to begin our school year! Our staff: Kathy, Kelley, Jessica, Monica, Terri & Maggie have been in getting the room and projects ready for September; we have lots of fun planned for our classes! Classes start on September 4th & 5th.

September is going to be full of exciting new adventures and getting to know each other. We will tour the church, learn our classroom rules, meet new friends and try lots of new and exciting things.

Please stop by and say “Hi” to the Teachers … They are anxious to get to know all of our families.

We have a spot open in our Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoon class right now. We have a “Reward” for any enrolled family who refer new children to our program, so if you have a friend with a 4 year old send them in to check out our preschool.

ForKIDS Program

  1. that our Summer break is over, we are collecting food and monetary donations to purchase food for our FORKids program. (Please mark your donations “FORKids”.) Below is a note from the Thurston County Food Bank FORKids organizers:

Hello All!

I have had some inquiries about how many kids we have served this year, and how many bags went out total. Below are the totals for the whole program! Over 57,000 bags were delivered this year! There is no way this program would exist without the support of amazing volunteers like all of you! Over 49% of the clients we serve here at the Food Bank are under the age of 18. Without all the help and support from individuals like you we would not be able to reach all these kids, and their families, with additional support. Our mission is to end hunger in Thurston County, and we can only do that with the support of the community as a whole. Thank you for everything you do for the kids, and choosing to volunteer for my program!

St. Andrew’s provided 2,952 bags to the families of Olympia View Elementary School this school year!

Let’s get started now so we can meet or exceed this goal for the new school year!

Help us fill the weekend bags to feed kids with little food available when they are not in school. Pick up a red bag on the table outside of the sanctuary and donate items listed on the bags.

Ways you can help: donate food items, sorting the items donated, bagging the food and delivering food bags to Olympic View Elementary to the most needy children.

MOST NEEDED food items include:

  1. Shelf Stable Milk (boxed milk)
  2. Protein items (Chef Boyardee, Tuna Salad w/crackers, Vienna Sausages or Pepperoni Sticks
  3. 100% Real Fruit items (Fruit Cups, Boxes of Raisins or Fruit Juice Boxes)
  4. Easy Mac & Top Ramen or Cup a Noodle
  5. Small Individual boxes of cold cereal or individual packages of instant oatmeal.
  6. Snack Items (Chips, Cheezits, Goldfish Crackers or Poptarts)


Happy Birthday to:

6-Sherrod Shiveley

9-Kathy Bowen

9-Barbara Clarkson

11-Janie Stover

14-Boni Lenahan

19-Adelyn Regan

21-Sue Chase

24-Mary Beale

26-Bea Aho


Happy Anniversary to:

12-Ray & Betty Gluth

22-Glenn & Linda Gerth

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, or if you are new to our congregation, please call the church office (360-491-2030) or write it on your attendance card Sunday so we can update our records.

Trustees Update

Have you ever seen the “working list” of the Trustee Committee?

Please take time to look at the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Hall. Our Trustee Committee has a section on the board where we will keep you informed on the happenings around the church and jobs we need help with around the church. If there is something on the list that you want to help with, please let Ken Russell know. You can reach Ken through email: or call him @ 360-943-8199.

The Trustees would LOVE your help!


September 1

Lay Reader 1st Service: Bruce Kauffman

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Gary Skaar

Coffee Hour: Robin Eagen, Janie Stover, Linda Clark, Heidi Seldomridge, Maggie Schoengarth


September 8

Lay Reader 1st Service: Barbara Ullmann

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Robin Eagen

Coffee Hour: Jan Green, Marian McKusker, Karen Langlois, Dorothy Tyler, Virginia Stephens, Earl Cabe


September 15

Lay Reader 1st Service: Barbara Clarkson

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Craig Eagen

Coffee Hour: Nancy Lovrien-Kauffman, Susan Sadler, Gretchen Borck, Sara Wall, Marilyn Martin


September 22

Lay Reader 1st Service: Virgil Clarkson

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Lois Brighten

Coffee Hour: Amy Dickey, Sandra Dlugosz, Karen Snook, Linda Gerth, Sherrod Shiveley


September 29

Lay Reader 1st Service: Linda Clark

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Sandra Dlugosz

Coffee Hour: Barbara Ullmann, Betty Cain-Mills, Julie Sedgwick, Lois Mae Best, Sharlyn Russell


Scriptures - September Series


September 1st

Luke 14:1, 7-14


September 8th

Jeremiah 18:1-11


September 15th

Exodus 32:1-14


September 22nd

Luke 16:1-13


September 29th

Luke 16:19-31

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