Position for Nursery Attendant

 Job Description: Childcare Provider – Sunday Nursery 

Please submit resume to St. Andrews United Methodist Church, PO Box 3866, Lacey, WA 98509-3866

OR contact Church office 360-491-2030

Qualification / Expectations include:

Know and enforce the Church’s Safe Sanctuary Policy.

Duties and Responsibilities that relate to children:

  1. To report to work as scheduled, unless prior arrangements have otherwise been made.
  2. To provide care of an especially loving, safe, and hygienic nature to all children.
  3. Report any suspicions of child abuse in any form.
  4. To interact, talk, listen, read stories, play with children throughout their time in childcare.
  5. To convey to the parent/guardian that the child is in loving hands with smiles, greetings, and friendliness and to communicate concerns promptly.
  6. To pick up the room after all the children are in the safety of their parent/guardian, as well as during the care times as safety and sanitation dictate; and to remove broken or unsafe toys.
  7. To ensure that children are registered at drop-off and pick-up, as per Church’s Safe Sanctuary Policy.
  8. Communicate deficiencies of supplies to office manager.
  9. To attend training sessions (staff meetings, and CPR/First Aid training).
  10. To maintain sanitary conditions at all times.
  11. To comply with expectations stated in this job description.


All childcare providers report directly to the Chair of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee or the Pastor. Hours are currently 9:15am to 12:15pm, but may expand to cover our 8:30am worship service as well.

The childcare provider can work with up to six children (Safe Sanctuary Policy states two adults at all times), or when the provider feels a need for assistance, they may request a parent (on the approved list) to help. The providers with not leave until the last child is picked up or another childcare provider has relieved him/her.

Attendance and punctuality is critical. If possible, please notify the Chair of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee of any temporary lapses in availability 2 — 4 weeks in advance. It is crucial to avoid "no shows." In cases of illness or absences, nursery worker is required please try to find substitute from the approved list. When a substitute is found or if one is unable to be, call the church 360-491-2030 or text the Staff Parish Liaison and leave a message informing us.

Time Sheet delivered to office last Sunday of the month.

Caretaking Guidelines:

Greet parent/guardian and children warmly when they arrive. Listen, be attentive, and smile. Reassure the parent/guardian that if any problems arise they will be contacted in sanctuary. During worship NURSERY IS FOR CHILDREN AGE 5 and UNDER.

Ask parent/guardian to sign their children in on the Registration sheet. Carefully communicate with the parent/guardian that the child cannot be left in the nursery if they seem to be ill or possibly contagious.

Label all belongings with the corresponding child's name. If labels are not available, take notes.

Use the child's name when addressing them.

Interact, smile and cuddle the children. Play, read stories, and cater to their needs. You are in the room for the sake of the children and to help each child to enjoy their visit, not to socialize with other youth or adults.

Comfort a crying child:

  1. Check for a wet diaper.
  2. Offer the child his/her bottle or pacifier, if available (do not give the child another child's bottle or pacifier).
  3. Hold, walk, or talk to the child.
  4. Try to interest the child in a toy or another child.
  5. If the child continues to cry or seems ill, report to the parent/guardian. Enter the sanctuary or classroom as inconspicuously as possible and ask the usher to inform the parents.
  6. When toddlers and children don't mind, be patient, firm and consistent.
  7. Spanking, or any other form of corporal punishment, or verbal threats, yelling, or profanity are not to be used.

In severe cases, inform the parent/guardian of the child’s behavior in a kind, caring manner and in a private setting, like:

  1. "Today has been a rough day. Do you have any hints for me on how I can help your child to understand when I need his/her cooperation?"


  1. "Johnny was not very cooperative today. I told him that I would talk to you about it. He is really a good kid and I would hope that we could work this problem out so it doesn't happen again."

If the problem cannot be resolved, the parent/guardian may have to remove the child from care with approval from Staff Parish Relations Committee.

Do not, however, communicate that you do not like their child. Do not talk about any child's poor behaviors to anyone other than the parent/guardian or in private with Pastor or Staff-Parish Relations.

Ensure that all toys are put in their correct places. Turn the lights out. Turn off heat - if it was on. Place trash bag in larger garbage can in the Fellowship Hall.

Conditions of Employment:

  1. Pay: To be Negotiated.
  2. Approximately 3 hours a week on Sunday.
  3. Time Sheet delivered to office last Sunday of the month.
  4. The church will pay for the CPR/First Aid class and any hours worked during staff training.


Line of Responsibility: All paid staff persons are responsible to the Pastor on a daily basis. Staff-Parish Committee is responsible for the conditions of employment, job descriptions, and evaluations of staff. (¶258.2g(7), page 199, 2016 Book of Discipline).

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