September 2018  
Upcoming Events


Quilters Group
10:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Quilters will be meeting on September 25, 2018, our regular 4th Tuesday day. There will be sewing, pressing, arranging pieces and other non-sewing tasks available. Come and help us with the projects. We will start about 10:00 and go until 2:00 with a break for potluck lunch. Join us for fellowship and bring an dish to share at lunch. We welcome new folks to join us and participate in this mission of St. Andrew's.
Happy Quilting, Barb Ullmann


Choir Practice
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Early Church Service
8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Traditional Service
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Choir Practice
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM






Choir Practice
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Bible Search
Church Committees

St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church

Lay Leadership Nomination Report 2017


Church Council

*All Committee Chairs are members of Church Council

Chairperson - Gary Skaar

Lay Leader and Member of Annual Conference - Rich Green

Deacon, Secondary Appointment                                          

Designated Safety Officer - Kathy Bowen

Church Treasurer  - Kathy Bowen

Financial Secretary - John Gerth

Financial Auditor - open                                                                               

Recording Secretary - Barbara Ullmann

Members at Large  - Chris Regester & Walt Lenahan


Nominations Committee – (Lay Leader)

Class 2016                                           Class 2017                                           Class 2018

Edith Countryman                           Betty Gluth                                          Heidi Seldomridge

Janie Stover                                      Roberta McCormick                            Sally Bush       


Finance Committee – (Church Council Chair, Lay Leader, Treasurer, Financial Secretary)

Lois Brighten – Chair                                      Sandra Dlugosz                                  John Clark           

Ann Bowman                                       Virgil Clarkson                                   Jim Loomis


Board of Trustees – (Lay Leader)

Class 2016                                           Class 2017                                           Class 2018

Bruce Kauffman                                  Duane Ullmann                                   Bob Scheuerman

Ken Russell – Chair                            Sandra Dlugosz                                   Ray Gluth

Bill Bush


Staff-Parish Relations Committee – (Lay Leader)

Class 2016                                           Class 2017                                           Class 2018

Daryl Mills                                          Virgil Clarkson                                     Linda Clark

Joyce Scheuerman                            Gary Baldwin                         


Preschool Board

Chair - Barbara Ullmann

Preschool Director  - Kathy Bowen

Members at Large   - Sally Bush, Carol Nichols, & Maggie Schoengarth

Designated Member of Education - Janie Stover

Designated Member of Finance - Rich Green

Designated Member of SPRC - Linda Clark

Designated Member of Trustees - Sandra Dlugosz

Lay Leader - Rich Green


Education Committee

Class 2016                                           Class 2017                                           Class 2018

Kevin Seldomridge                              Barbara Clarkson                             Sara Wall

Kyrian MacMichael                            Janie Stover                                  Heidi Seldomridge -Chair


Fellowship Committee

Class 2016                                           Class 2017                                           Class 2018

Jan Green                                            Marian McKusker                             Susan Sadler

Gretchen Borck                                  Boni Lenahan – Chair


Mission/Outreach Committee - The Missions Committee does not currently exist. What little activity or decisions are needed are made at the Church Council, but the following statement was provided:

Mission Projects currently under way and supported by the church are:

1. A monthly community dinner and food bank for homeless and group home residents. 
St. Andrews partners with St. Benedict's Episcopal Church to serve the dinner at St. Benedict's.

2. Monthly filling of food bags of non-perishable food items for weekly distribution to a local grade school so that all children who need it have food for over the weekend. The food is provided by members of the church. 

3. Several members volunteer at the County Food Bank twice a month.

4. The near-by grade school is supported by providing school supplies and numerous boxes of Kleenex at the beginning of the school year.

5. Lunch is prepared and delivered to the local Habitat for Humanity build site once a month.

6. One hundred and fifty hygiene kits were assembled and sent to the Methodist's Committee on Relief.

7. The church provides it's facilities for a weekly meeting of Narcotics Anonymous and Girl Scouts.

Worship Team

Pastor – Dan Breznau                                            

Music and Choir Director - Paul Duncan                           
Music Accompanist – Maria Breznau
Communion – Dan & Amy Dickey, Sumi Atkins        
Visual & Projectionist – Open
Altar & Parament Guild – Jan Green                         
Liturgist Coordinator – Rich Green
Ushers – Gary Skaar, Dan Dickey, Kevin Seldomridge
Memorial Hostess – Betty Gluth & Roberta McCormick

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