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April Nexus 2019

Special Lent Services

Wednesday Vespers: Every Wednesday (3/13 – 4/17) @ 7pm (FUMCO)

Maundy Thursday: 4-18 @ 7pm (SAUMC)

Good Friday 4-19 @ 7pm (FUMCO)

Easter Services: 04-21

Sunrise @ 7am (Harbor House Park)

Combined Worship (one service) @ 10:30am (SAUMC)


Sisters and Brothers of SAUMC,

What is Lent – Really??

For centuries the Church universal has embarked on an intentional journey “into the wilderness” during the season of Lent. And yet, it seems that there is still a great cloud of mystery that surrounds this Christian season in our United Methodist tradition.

One church member, for example, shared with me after the first Sunday in Lent: “I don’t understand Lent. Every year we come to Lent and we’re supposed to make our relationship ‘right’ with God and then almost ‘magically’ it’s all better on Easter Sunday.” This person continued, “The way I understand a relationship [i.e. with God] is that it is something to continually work towards. Lent assumes I haven’t been doing that throughout the year.”

Traditional Christianity would say that Lent is a season to remind ourselves of our brokenness and to prepare ourselves of the blessed reassurance in the Resurrection on Easter morning. That is, we spend time in Lent to reflect on our sins so that the Resurrection means all the more to us. And for many, this answer brings peace and understanding. But it still doesn’t “solve” the relationship question that our friend has asked. And so, I offer a relational element to this Lenten season (to add and/or substitute to our traditional answer):

Lent is 40 days long (minus Sundays) because it is designed to mimic the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness prior to the start of his ministry (Matt. 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13). If we are to take this as our premise to Lent, I think it’s fair to say that Jesus was already working on his relationship with God prior to those forty days in the wilderness. He left the ways of the world, though, in order to spend an intentional and purposeful time in inner reflection, much like we’re seeking to do in our Journey of Silence and Solitude.

While we come to church for worship on Sunday and spend time in devotionals and/or prayers throughout the year to improve and learn about our relationship with God, this Lenten period is an intentional time to reflect on our relationship and see how we can continue to make our commitment to God. Jesus went into the wilderness for inward reflection to remind himself who he is through his relationship with God, and it is that very relationship with the Divine that gave him the strength and courage to live the life of a spiritual teacher. His time in the wilderness reminded him of that.

In the remainder of Lent, I encourage each of you to continue to recommit each and everyday. This is, of course, something we should do throughout the year, but in this time of silence and solitude that we are – as Jesus did – exiting the ways of the world (if only for a little while) to remind ourselves of who we are through our relationship with God. This won’t bring a “magical” solution come Easter, but hopefully, it’ll make your relationship even stronger!

-Blessings, Pastor Dirk


Music Notes

Hello Everyone,

Speaking for myself and for all of the members of Chancel and Bell Choirs, we are having a wonderful time with new music (and some older selections, too) and are working hard in preparation for the rest of Lent as well as Holy Week. Everyone is in good health—most of the cold and flu cycle is past us (knock on wood!) and we’re sounding pretty good.

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays: Praise Team is 6:30 to 7:30, Bells rehearse 6:30 to 7:30, and choir is from 7:30 to 9 pm. There’s always room for more.




Spring Clean Up

It’s time for a Spring Clean Up here at the church as we prepare for Easter. We will have jobs for all abilities both inside the church and on the church grounds. Please come with your gloves, rakes, favorite cleaners & some old towels.

More hands make less work: Saturday, April 6th @ 9:00am


Nursery Attendant Needed

Soon we say goodbye to our Nursery Attendant, Ms. Janey, as she takes off for maternity leave. As we wish her all the best with baby #3, SAUMC is hiring a new Nursery Attendant for Sunday Worship. If you know of anyone who would be a great fit for our little ones, please have them contact the office and/or visit our website:


Children and Youth Ministries

We are asking for individually-wrapped small candy donations for the Easter egg hunt. Please drop off at church by April 14. Anyone who would like to help stuff eggs and fill goody bags, is welcome to join us on April 14. The Easter egg hunt will be on April 21 at 9:30. There will be two age groups - 5 & under, and 6 and over. Bring your basket!

The last confirmation class will be held on April 7. Students will be confirmed during the Easter service on April 21. There will be no Sunday school classes on Easter.

The area youth group's chili cook-off was a delicious success. Youth are continuing to raise funds for their July mission trip to Idaho. The next opportunity to join and support them is no May 5 with the Tea and Talents fundraiser.

Upcoming Events: April 7th all Mini-Methodists & Youth Group are heading to the movies. Check the updates to see Movie & Time, we will be at Regal 16 Theater.


Preschool News

We have just completed our conferences with our wonderful families and are so thankful for your support as we work together to create a love of learning with your child. Congratulations to our children for all of their hard work!

This month we will be celebrating Spring and Easter as we talk about new life all around us. Speaking of new life; congratulations to Ms. Kelley & her family as they welcomed a beautiful baby girl on Monday, March 25th. Chloe is the perfect addition to their family!

We have begun our flower fundraiser in Preschool. We are once again selling big beautiful hanging flower baskets. Thank you to our families for participating in this endeavor as we raise money to upgrade toys. Orders & money are due back to preschool by Tuesday, April 23rd. If you would like more information please talk with Ms. Kathy.

Registration for Fall 2019-2020 has begun. If you know of a family with a preschool age child, please share our preschool with them. Your recommendation means the world to us!

Prayer Requests
Please Pray for God peace & presence

St. Andrew’s Families:

—Dave Reed —Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Dick Hinchcliffe —Vi Statler

—Tom Lund —Virgil Clarkson

—Mary Novy —Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley —Phil & Pat Latimer

—John Britcher —Bob Scheuerman

—Sara Lyon

—Family of Mutumbo Kayij

You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.


N.O.W. Committee


Volunteers are needed to assist in the following activities for Easter Sunday:

BREAKFAST: Volunteers Needed

Breakfast Served at: 9:00


Volunteers needed to set-up Tables for (80)

Food Servers- Robin (more Volunteers needed)

Food and Line breakdown –Volunteers Needed, Contact Robin

Kitchen -Clean up – Volunteers Needed –Contact Robin

EASTER EGG HUNT: Volunteer Needed

Egg Hunt: 9:30

Candy donated for eggs- Individuals will be contacted- Bin will be available for candy donations.

Bag fillers & Egg Stuffers – Need Volunteers – Palm Sunday contact Janie or Heidi



Warmer Weather and Less Rain gives us the opportunities to reach out and help others. Here are some ideas and places you can volunteer your time and spread your love for Jesus …

  • Reading Program - A handful of folks go to Lydia Hawk every Tuesday for a couple of hours and read with and to children that are struggling to read. Please contact John Gerth or Maggie Schoengarth if you would like to join in this rewarding project.
  • Lacey Food Bank - on Martin Way is a new Food Bank and could use volunteers. The address is: 7027 Martin Way E. There is also a Veteran’s Garden there on site that will be managed by GRuB if you would like to help that project. Contact the Food Bank directly.
  • St. Benedict’s Community Dinner - This is a once a month opportunity to help. St. Andrew’s cook’s, serve’s and cleans up at St. Benedict’s Church on Bowker one Saturday a month. If you would like to help this program contact Rich Green.
  • FORKids Weekend Food Bags - We bag here the first Sunday of the month and you can join others at the Thurston County Food bank on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month to bag for the whole district. Contact John Gerth or Lois Brighten with questions.



The Quilters have finished several Lenten/Easter wall hangings. Have you seen them in the Sanctuary? We have a few more "in progress". Look for them around the church in the near future. It's been a fun for us to complete these hangings for the SAUMC congregation. We hope they bring you joy during the Easter season. Join us every 4th Tuesday for creativity and fellowship. Barb Ullmann 360-491-2693


Singles Luncheon

April 17th @ 12:30 p.m. at O’Blarney’s

We invite all adult singles (divorced, widowed, separated, never married) to join us for a no-host lunch and conversation. Questions or RSVP to: Lois Brighten (360) 412-7933


Happy Birthday to:

2-Ginny Miller

4-Mardel Tanquist

16-Enid Force

16-Mary Loomis

19-Rich Green

25-Sharlyn Russell


Happy Anniversary:

4-Craig & Robin Eagen

4-Don & Virginia Stephens

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, or if you are new to our congregation, please call the church office (360-491-2030) or write it on your attendance card Sunday so we can update our records.


Meals for Homebound

In the Freezer, in the Kitchen, we have several frozen meals for folks that are homebound and in need of a meal. If you know of someone that could use a meal and a visit from our visitation folks please call Robin Eagen or Nancy Lovrien-Kauffman. We have a sign out sheet available to make sure there is a variety of meals and no one gets the same thing twice so please make sure you check with Robin & Nancy.



April 7

Lay Reader 1st Service: Bruce Kauffman

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Sandra Dlugosz

Coffee Hour: Amy Dickey, Sandra Dlugosz, Karen Snook, Linda Gerth, Linda Clark, Sherrod Shiveley.

April 14

Lay Reader 1st Service: Virgil Clarkson

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Heidi Seldomridge

Coffee Hour: Barbara Ullmann, Betty Cain-Mills, Barbara Clarkson, Robin Eagen, Earl Cabe, Julie Sedgwick.

April 21

Lay Reader One Service: Rich Green

Coffee Hour: Please join us for Easter Breakfast at 9:00am.

April 28

Lay Reader 1st Service: Barbara Clarkson

Lay Reader 2nd Service: Heather Seldomridge

Coffee Hour: Boni Lenahan, Sybil Thompson, Mary Jean Grimes, Marilyn Martin, Kyrian MacMichael.



April Series - A Journey of Silence and Solitude

April 7th - John 12:1-8

April 14th - Palm/Passion Sunday - Matthew 26:1-5, 47-50; 27:1-2, 15-23

April 21st - Easter Sunday - John 20:1-18

April 28 - John 20:24-31


Literacy Center Update April 2019

Thanks to the great work of Barbara Clarkson and Rich Green, we are continuing to make great strides with our Literacy Center. The Church Council has set a goal-date of June 2nd to have a Special Church Conference to vote for the building of the Literacy Center. In this lead up to this date, it is our hope to be as transparent and communicative as possible throughout this process. In this newsletter and those to follow, we will be adding a FAQ section about the status of our hopeful center. Below are the first two questions – questions that I (and your lay leaders) have heard often.

1) Why are we building this center? Jesus often met people where they were in life – wherever life’s journey had brought them. Our UMC heritage has sought to do the same, to include providing quality education for all. When our founder, John Wesley, and his bands of Methodists first began, they created free schools for those who couldn’t afford it. Today, The UMC supports 119 colleges and universities in the US, and about 700 worldwide. In a very “literate society,” those who can’t read fall behind quickly. Almost ¾ of the students (70%) of Lydia Hawk Elementary read below their grade level, and many go home to households where English is not spoken. National research shows that if children are not reading at the 4th grade reading level by 4th grade, they will likely fall behind throughout the entirety of their school years. It is our hope that we – like Jesus – can meet our neighbors where they are so that we can walk with them in the journey of life and share with them that someone cares for them!

2) Will there be any cost to the church? This question is on everyone’s mind. As with anything in life, this literacy center comes with a cost. Costs are broken into capital (building) and operational (day-to-day) funds. Capital costs are estimated to be about $2.5 million with an annual operating budget around $250,000 (to serve 100 kids per year). Where will this money come from? Barbara Clarkson, the lead for this project, has great experience in building new programs from scratch, and she is using her past to benefit the future! She has already submitted for $1.5 million for capital funds, and she has about six other granting foundations earmarked to begin requesting money. The Literacy Center will be funded by grants, however, if you’d like to make a donation to the start of this wonderful program, please speak with Pastor Dirk, Barbara Clarkson, or Rich Green.


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