Music Notes From Paul

Music Notes

Hello everyone,

It’s great to be back into the regular schedule again. Chancel choir is off to a great start with a few new members (there’s always room for more) and I will soon put together the music for bells. A note to all of the ringers: you will be hearing from me soon—please check your calendars—I’d like to get ready to play in November, and I definitely would like to know soon how many of us will be available to play through Advent and Christmas Eve.

As I had mentioned in an earlier article, I am always open to feedback regarding Sunday music. Please contact me through e-mail, by phone, or talk to me on Sundays. Your input is both valuable and very helpful.

I’ll leave you with a lyric from a hymn titled “Keep a Song in your Heart” It’s from a turn of the century hymnal, written by Lizzie DeArmond:

Verse one:

Keep a song in your heart for the road is long,

You will need it to make you good and strong;

If you look to the Lord, tho' rough the way,

He will give you a song both night and day.


Keep a song in your heart when things go wrong,

Keep a song in your heart, a happy song;

All the troubles of life will soon depart

If you keep a song ringing in your heart.

Blessings, Paul Duncan