A Note from Pastor Dan


I left Washington last year, and am now returning in the New Year. Tempus fugit – the old Latin phrase meaning, “Time is fleeting.” Indeed there are moments when this seems particularly poignant. On our trip, my family and I spent time visiting relatives. It is amazing how much can occur in such a short time since we had last seem them. Nieces and nephews growing, and expressing themselves in new ways. An older nephew is now a pastor of a large church.  Another niece has been married for almost a year, and my brothers are looking older. Things keep changing. We are the next generation that carries the history of the family.  It is a strange feeling, a legacy you hope that others will eventually fill, but not too quickly. It raises the question for me as to what stories will be shared by future generations. My grandmother was known for her religious fervor.  During the Depression she single-handedly raised funds for a church in India.  Given the political climate there today, building a church there would not be possible – missionary activity on the part of Christians is severely limited.  The government does not allow funds to enter the country for that purpose. I suspect my grandmother would be saddened by this turn of events.  Yet I am told that there is a vitality of faith among those who live there and practice Christianity in spite of the consequences that might ensue. As we enter this New Year, full of promise, it is my hope that we too will drink deeply of a vital faith which is carried on in the lives of those that follow us.

Blessings, Pastor DanGreetings,