A Note from Pastor Dan


My time in the pulpit at St. Andrews is quickly coming to an end. However, there will be a time to celebrate our time together on Father’s Day, June 17th. Janie is working on food and memorabilia. We have had a short but I think grace filled time together. I hope you continue to support and encourage each other as a reflection of God’s love in your midst. As with any ending, it is not easy. Although I will no longer be your pastor come the end of June, know that you will still be in my thoughts and prayers.

Several of you have asked what can you do to help with this transition – we will be having a couple moving days on June 28th, 30th, and if needed, on the 2nd. A time to clean our rental home will occur on Thursday evening July 5th, and possibly the 6th. See Janie for more ideas.

Blessings, Pastor Dan