A Note from Pastor Dan


By the time you read this, our Easter celebrations will be over.  For some it means we will not see them again until Christmas. It saddens me.  Each Sunday is a “mini” Easter. We are invited into a relationship with God that brings life to our existence, as well as meaning and purpose. Imagine only eating twice a year; it would be hard to survive.  So it is with this in mind, I think about how God might be calling us to reach out.  Not out of fear, or just trying to stay alive as a church, but with the message that is so central to Easter itself, God’s reaching out even beyond the grave to bring life and life abundantly. I have heard it said that we are in a “death culture.”  When you look at the increased tensions across our country, particularly noticeable in our schools and cities, our churches have a profound message. Sometimes that message gets hid beneath the daily distractions of living, but it does not make it any less real. So as we go forward toward Pentecost, let us keep in mind that we have a responsibility to a world where there is much suffering. Suffering is often the result of feeling isolated, alone, and disconnected. With God’s help, we can be part of the solution to humanities woes. I invite you to pray for inspiration and insight into what God is doing, and we will be all the more in harmony with it.  
Blessings, Pastor Dan 
April 2018