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UMC South Sound Cooperative 

Co-op Article 2020

What do you know about the South Sound Co-operative? Have you heard of it? If not, our hope is that you will find information on the co-op, and co-op resources your church might find useful.

The SSC is a collection of seven churches; First Olympia, Rochester-Oakville, Shelton, St. Andrew’s, Steamboat Island and Tumwater. Our churches are rural, suburban, urban and include a new church start; all covering four counties. Worship attendance in the individual churches of the Co-op ranges from less than 50 people each Sunday to over 350 people. Our styles of worship are traditional, contemporary and experiential. We are progressive, conservative, interactive, and everything in between. All of our churches are involved in outreach ministries in our various community settings. Some of our churches have declared themselves as Reconciling, and we all welcome those who would like to join together in a journey of faith.

Each one of our churches is special, and each church has been blessed with different gifts. What we all share as a Co-op is a deep love of God and neighbor, a desire to connect with those both inside and outside the church, and a calling to engage in a creative spirit that allows us to share our gifts in any number of ways. We are better together in sharing God’s love and fulfilling God’s mission.

Over the past few years, the Co-op has focused on sharing resources. We are excited about our Co-op-wide Youth Ministry which provides our young people a supportive place to connect, learn, grow, and serve together. The program includes bi-monthly Youth Group meetings, social outings and service /mission projects.

In addition, just as the Co-op shares information on the various activities occurring at the individual churches, we also collaborate on a number of special church services throughout the year, including Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter and Christmas.

In a culture that can isolate us and guide us into smaller groups so that we never hear nor pay attention to the viewpoints of others; the Co-op provides a counter-measure. The Co-op offers ways for our church members to not only build relationships within the churches, but also across the Co-op.

The United Methodist Church is a connected church, and cooperative ministry is an example of this connectedness. We invite you to stay tuned for more Co-op activities that you might find interesting and beneficial. We hope that you are able to take advantage of our shared resources.

Rev. Pam Brokaw, Oakville UMC, Oakville, WA

Rev. Pam Brokaw, Rochester UMC, Rochester, WA

Chris Knight, First Olympia UMC, Olympia, WA

Rev. Amanda Nicol, First Olympia UMC, Olympia, WA

Angelina Goldwell, First Olympia UMC, Olympia, WA

Rev. Ann Lock Shelton, UMC Shelton, WA

Rev. Peter Perry, First Olympia UMC, Olympia, WA

Rev. Denise Roberts, St. Andrew’s UMC, Lacey, WA

Rev. Heather Sparkman, Steamboat Island UMC, Steamboat Island, WA

Rev. Sandy Ward, Tumwater UMC, Tumwater, WA