Margaret Bland

Celebrating the life of

Margaret Bland

September 4, 1923 - October 25, 2012


Margaret V. Bland

The world was immeasurably blessed on September 4, 1923 when Margaret Virginia Goolsby came to live amongst us. She was a perpetual learner, appreciator of the arts, and a true global citizen. She traveled worldwide, reaching out to all while encouraging others to learn with her along the way. Her passing on October 25, 2012 will be deeply felt by all.

As an avid educator and specialist in developing early childhood learning programs, multicultural adult teaching strategies, multiple community, school, and church programs, Mother Bland touched innumerable hearts and lives through her mentorship, generosity, and wholesome brand of ongoing encouragement and support.

Born in San Diego, CA to the Rev. Louis S. Goolsby and Alice Willis, Margaret lived in Bakersfield, CA, Pueblo, CO, Lincoln, NE, and Seattle, WA where she met and married Joseph Herston Bland in 1947 at Seattle’s First A. M. E. Church. She graduated from the University of Washington in Education, often saying her desire to be a teacher was something she knew strongly in her heart since age five. She and Joseph raised their family in Seattle until Margaret moved to Panorama City in Lacey, WA – her home for her final twenty-three years.

Margaret Bland conversed in English, French, Spanish and kiSwahili, played the 'cello, and loved both football and soccer. She led a life of significant accomplishment and recognition-the first African-American draftsperson at the Boeing Co. working on the B-52 airplane plans during WWII, as an Underground Railroad historian whose  research led her to visits in the Nova  Scotia African-Canadian communities, as an author of an interactive teaching book on Kwanzaa, and as a recipient of numerous education and community service awards, including the Washington State Retired Educators Achievement Award in 2011.

An accomplished poet, Margaret wrote many inspiring words for her greater Panorama community, often drawing on her love of nature and the campus’ beautiful natural surroundings as her muses. She was widely known in the Lacey area for her significant volunteer and leadership roles among which were St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School Teacher and participated in many of Panorama City’s activity clubs.

Mother Bland is survived by a sister, two daughters, a son- and daughter in law, a niece, two grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. Her husband and a daughter predeceased Margaret's passing.


Natures Diarama

My window opens on a changing view.

A 3-D panorama about the roof tops

Of the unseen houses on the street below.


Swaying tops of tall pines beckon birds to rest awhile.

And fluffy white clouds create image changes

in the eastern sky.


Seagulls soar high and low on the thermals

In the open land space above the putting green.

Crows singularly congregate on pine bough tips,

Then raucously fly away together.


Gentle breezes ring the chimes suspended from the patio roof.

And to their right, the humming birds feed,

All year long, on the bright nectar poured into their feeder.


On clear days, the Cascades allow one small hill to appear

Between two tall pines,

And the deciduous trees patiently wait for their next wardrobe change.

Green for spring and summer; bright colors for fall and in winter.

They disrobe in preparation for their next attire.


The full moon plays peek-a-boo through pine branches.

And on moonless nights, they scattered campus lights

Glow like silver and amber jewels in the darkness


Infrequently, high in the eastern sky, a plane leaves a contrail

Adding a beautiful man made stroke

To nature’s magnificent diarama.

~Margaret Bland 9/2011


In Loving Memory of

Margaret Virginia Bland

December 1, 2012  10:00 am


Welcome                                                                                                 Rev. Melissa Ramming

Meditation Song                     “Take My Hand Precious Lord”                 - by Mahalia Jackson

Opening Prayer                                                                                                Rev. Bob Bowers

Poem                           ‘ Winter-Time Beach’  - Margaret Bland               Read by Amy Dickey

Scripture                                              Psalm 61                                                  Jeannette Bland

Message                                                                                                 Rev.  Melissa Ramming

Meditation Song                                 “Fix Me, Jesus”                                - by Kathleen Battle

Margaret’s Life                                                                                                        Dan Dickey

Hymn                                            “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”                               On Screen

Family Remembrances                                    Alison Sanz (daughter); J.C. Arns III, grandson

Open Microphone      

  (You are invited to stand, speak into the microphone, and share your memories of Margaret)

Commendation                                                                                     Rev.  Melissa Ramming

Closing Prayer                                   Numbers 6: 24-26                                Jeannette Bland                   

Postlude                                           “This Little Light of Mine”                                On Screen

Index Cards: Please share your favorite memories, thoughts or special moments with Margaret to share with the families. Card can be taped to the board in the Fellowship Hall next to the memorial table.


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