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You are invited to participate in the St. Andrew’s UMC Endowment or Memorial funds.

Purpose of Memorials

A memorial gift to St. Andrew’s to honor or remember someone is an excellent way to say “I care”.  Memorial gifts are appropriate to honor living persons or to remember the deceased.  Memorials most commonly provide for a one time purchase.  The gift itself is used to purchase the memorial.

Purpose of Endowments

An endowment is a gift that keeps on giving.  It is a gift that is permanent; only the interest earned from the Endowment Fund investments are expended.  None of the funds are used for operations.  St. Andrew’s has 2 Endowment Funds: The General Purpose Fund and the Mission’s Fund.


The General Purpose Endowment Fund is administered by the Endowment/Memorials Committee.  The Missions Committee administers the Missions Endowment Fund and is for missions projects only.  The amount given to either endowment fund remains a permanent part of that fund.  All gifts provided are invested in moderate to low risk income producing    investments. Upon acceptance of a gift, all principal, and subsequently earned interest, belongs to the church, including all decisions about expenditures.

Gifts may be made in a variety of ways:  cash, securities, real estate, personal property, or through your will.  Undesignated gifts are preferred.  Gifts designated for a specific purpose, must be reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee and Church Council before acceptance.  All undesignated gifts will become a part of the whole and will not be tracked separately.  Designated gifts will be managed separately.

Examples of Endowment Purchases made with earned interest from Endowment Funds:

  • Video Projector in Sanctuary
  • Oil Candles on Alter
  • Preschool Scholarships
  • Mission’s Charities & Endowment Seeding

How Endowments and Memorials are managed

St. Andrew’s Endowment/Memorials Committee is made up of members selected from the congregation. This committee is the steward of the General Purpose Endowment Fund and, along with the Mission’s Fund, both operate under the Charter that established the funds. The Endowment Committee and Missions Committee actively solicits gifts and distribute interest earned from the respective Endowment Fund investments. The Endowment Committee reports annually to the congregation on any new investments, interest earned, any withdrawals, and the amount of interest available for expenditure. Investment decisions for the funds are made by the Finance Committee in accordance with a written “Investment Policy”.  Copies of both documents are available in the Office Endowment File. Each year, at the time of reporting, 10% of the earned income, at that point, is returned to increase the principal.


A bequest is a gift made to the church through a provision in your will and assures that your property will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.  Both endowment funds are qualified charitable organizations for tax purposes.  To make a gift, or for the proper wording for your will, contact a member of the Endowment/Memorials Committee.

Establishing a will can prevent many problems in the distribution of your property.  If you have not already established your will, you should consider doing so.


Memorial gifts to honor or remember someone can be designated for a specific use, (with Church Council concurrence) or undesignated with the use of the funds to be determined by the Endowment/Memorials Committee.

From time to time the committee reviews St. Andrew’s special needs to determine the most appropriate use for undesignated memorial gifts.  Most memorials are made by multiple givers.  By joining your gift with the gifts of others, donations of any size can result in significant memorials.  The givers instructions are always honored, if possible.

Examples of Memorial Purchases:

  • Trees and shrubs on the grounds
  • Defibrillator & First Aid Kits
  • “God is Green” bags
  • Bell Tables
  • Youth Heifer Project
  • Office Computer

Why Consider a Bequest to St. Andrew’s UMC.

  • It is good stewardship.
  • Support Mission’s Projects.
  • Benefit the donor’s estate.
  • Memorialize a person or group.
  • The gift keeps on giving.
  • Make a statement of future hope.
  • Ensure the legacy of St. Andrew’s to spread the Word of God to the Lacey/Olympia area for years to come.


Endowment/Memorials Committee

The Endowment/Memorials Committee is responsible for administration of all endowment funds and memorial gifts to St. Andrews.

Endowment funds are managed in accordance with the establishing charter and invested in moderate risk securities and CD‘s. The principle of these funds, that is the original amount given, is kept in tact and only the interest earned on the investments are used for church projects. The funds may not be used for normal day-to-day expenses, per the Endowment Charter. Investment decisions for Endowment funds are made by the Finance Committee.

Memorial gifts are administered in accordance with the wishes of the giving party. In the absence of such direction, the gifts are used for such purchases as would be consistent with memorializing the person(s) for whom the gift was given.


All Church Conference Nov. 10th. 2013


St Andrew’s United Methodist Church

Lacey, Washington

Nov. 1989

Endowment Fund Charter

 Be it resolved by the All Church Conference of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church of Lacey, WA, a nonprofit corporation, that the St. Andrew’s United Methodist Endowment Fund (hereinafter referred to as “The Endowment Fund”) be (XXXXX) established as a permanent fund of  St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church (hereinafter referred to as “the church”) subject to the Articles of Incorporation of the church, to the Discipline of the United Methodist Church, to the actions of the All Church Conference of the church, and to the following covenants:

 1. The Endowment Fund shall exist under the authority of the All Church Conference. The capital (principal) of the Endowment Fund shall be held in- tact. The income from the Fund is to be used only for the building, maintenance and improvement of the church property, and for the development of religious, charitable, and educational activities. Income shall not be distributed to support normal items of the church budget.

 2. The Endowment Fund shall receive and hold bequests and other gifts made to the church unless otherwise designated. Undesignated gifts are preferred. Gifts designated for a specific purpose must be reviewed by the Finance Committee before acceptance.

 3. The Endowment Fund shall be controlled by a standing committee called the Endowment/Memorials Committee. The membership shall be: The Pastor, The Lay Leader, The Chairman of Finance, The Chairman of the Church Council, and one at-large member from the congregation. The at-large member to be chosen by the Pastor. The holders of these respective offices and the at-large member shall serve inperpetuity or until resignation. In the case of resignation, the replacement will be named by the remaining Endowment/Memorials Committee members. 

4. The Endowment Committee will actively solicit contributions and shall distribute income (interest) from the Endowment Fund investments. The Church Council may take recommendations to the Endowment Committee for its action in the distribution of income from the Fund. The promotion of the Endowment Fund shall be the responsibility of the Endowment Committee in cooperation with the Finance Committee.

 5. The Endowment Committee is entitled to act as follows:

     a. Accept and acknowledge gifts made to the Endowment Fund.

     b. Maintain a record of all bequests and all other gifts made to the Endowment Fund.

     c. Invest funds in a diversified but not high risk manner.

     d. Maintain an accurate and complete accounting of all invested funds, including          both interest income and capital (principal).

     e. Report to the All Church Conference when requested, but not less than annually, the status of the invested funds, the amount of earnings available for distribution, and the actual distribution of such earnings, if any.

6. An annual informal audit of the Endowment Fund shall be conducted at the end of the church fiscal year by a member of the Finance Committee, whose findings shall be reported to the All Church Conference.

7. Internal rules and procedures shall be determined by the Endowment Committee.

8. The preceding covenant may be amended by a recommendation from the Endowment Committee and must have a two-thirds affirmative vote of the All Church Conference.

9. (Amendment of the original establishing charter, approved June 16, 2011)

At the time of the annual report to the All Church Conference, the sum of 10% of any income, i.e. earned interest, reported as available for expenditure shall be reinvested and carried as an addition to the principal. This will ensure that the principal continues to grow. 

A notice establishing the Endowment Committee and describing the function of the Endowment Fund was published in the Nexus on Nov. 30, 1989.

The Mission’s Committee has approved the creation of an endowment fund;

The proceeds from which will be used exclusively for Mission Committee projects. This shall be known as the Mission’s Fund. This will be a separate account under the St. Andrew’s Endowment Fund, and will tracked separately. The Mission’s Fund will be administered by the Mission’s Committee and all earned interest expenditure decisions will be made by the Mission’s Committee. The base principal will remain intact and only the interest may be spent. Each year, 10% of any earned interest in the Mission’s Fund will be returned to the base principal for ongoing growth. The Endowment/Memorials Committee will report annually on both the St. Andrew’s Endowment Fund and the Mission’s Fund.

This resolution (dated, Nov.10, 2013) revises the original establishing resolution (dated, Nov. 1989). 



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