Board of Trustees

Trustees Update - September 2018

Our new Dishwasher has arrived. Thank you to everyone that prayed for this project, donated towards and helped coordinate the arrival and installation. It is very exciting to watch as everything comes together.

Our new Key Pad Entry System will be installed on September 11th & 12th. This will bring access codes for church members to be able to enter the building without waiting for someone to let them in. We will also be rekeying the building at the same time, so please be patient with us as we hand out new keys and/or codes to the folks that want one.

We are currently still taking bids for the parking lot resurfacing and the south wall entrance that needs to be restored. If you have any questions about these projects please talk with one of the Trustees. (Ken Russell, Chairperson; Bruce Kauffman, Duane Ullmann, Sandra Dlugosz, Earl Cabe, Bob Scheuerman, Ray Gluth and Bruce Baldwin)

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Extra Time On Your Hands?

Extra time on your hands? Need a distraction? Need a way to feel useful? Need to clear your mind and do some good?

We need your help! We have small jobs around the church that are building and just haven’t gotten the attention that it needs. There are things available for all abilities and you can come anytime of the day, night, weekdays or weekends; whatever fits your schedule. We have supplies here at the church or you can bring yours from home.

Here are some of the things that we desperately need your help with:

  • Dust the window sills in every room
  • Sweep down the cobwebs around the glass windows in the sanctuary (inside and out)
  • Wipe off the garbage cans in the building
  • Clean & wipe down the fridge in the little kitchen
  • Clean & organize the coffee bar
  • Clean and organize the cupboard under the sink in the little kitchen
  • Dust the base boards in the fellowship hall
  • Wash the Glass doors at both ends of the church
  • Move the salt & pepper shakers into the big kitchen cupboards
  • Wash the mirrors in all the bathrooms

Bigger Projects:

  • Paint the Walls in the Sunday School Room (if you want to do this please tell Kathy and she will pick up the paint for you)
  • Use a weed eater around the parking bumpers and the church signs
  • Dust the light fixtures in the sanctuary
  • Change the batteries in all the smoke detectors

Anything you would like to help with, we will appreciate so much! Please let Kathy know if you are able to do one of these projects. A larger list will be on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.

St Andrew’s High Priority Trustee Projects 2018

The Church Council met on May 22, 2018 and voted on funding three projects to be completed this summer. Project #4 will be delayed until the designated committee finishes a plan and cost estimate, a short description for the projects are listed below.

Project Name:

  1. Building Security

           South Entry Door Individually Coded keypad System

           Locks for seven interior doors

           Preschool Funds Available

           Balance paid from Endowment Fund interest 

  1. Driveway/Parking Area (west entry only)

           Blacktop south driveway and parking lot to upper parking lot sidewalk

           Project paid for from Kuula Fund

  1. Dishwasher

Replace Unrepairable Dishwasher (price includes installation estimate)

Funds received from congregation for dishwasher purchase

Project paid for from special congregational giving and special event fundraisers.

  1. South Wall

Refinish/Remodel South Entry Wall to make more attractive and inviting

This wall does not retain the pigmented stain finish

Waiting on this project until designated committee finalizes plan



Contact Trustee Chair Ken Russell for more details at
360-943-8199 or


Board of Trustees

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Bruce Kauffman

Duane Ullmann

Ray Gluth

Sandra Dlugosz

Bob Scheuerman

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