#20 A Nexus Weekly Newsletter 2020 #20

#20 A Nexus Weekly Newsletter 2020 #20

News from Pastor Denise

We are nearing the end of August. Usually this would be a time when we are getting our last fill of summer, right before school starts up once again and we shift back into the fall routine.

Alas, life in the midst of a pandemic remains far from routine, and we are still in the mode where it is hard to figure out where we are and even harder to figure out what’s coming next.

The good news is that decisions about reopenings are being made, but the key words in this course of decision-making are patience and flexibility. Too many times we have seen reopenings occur, only to have the entity have to shut down again to reassess.

At St. Andrew’s, our hope has been to reopen in September, however, we too await news from our Bishop about moving forward with our plans. In this time of waiting, we seek the strength of the Holy Spirit in guiding us with patience and flexibility. While we have not heard from the Bishop, at the time of this writing, we know that Thurston County is back to only allowing up to 5 people in houses of worship.

Over the next few weeks as we further discern our plans to reopen, let us be prayerful about safe reopenings across our country.

Pastor Denise


Join us September 13th in our parking lot for an Outdoor Worship Service.

More information to come on specifics. But we are excited on the thought that we will be together in this beautiful weather.

Reaching Out

It is so wonderful to be home and back at work. It’s been a joy getting caught up on calls, cards, texts and emails, and I find myself thinking about people that we may not be connecting with.

Maybe there are some of our folks who don’t have computer access or a reliable connection to the internet. Maybe there are some folks without smartphones, so they miss our Facebook updates and our Prayer Requests.

If you are aware of someone who doesn’t have a way to access electronic updates from our church, please give us a call at the church office so that we can add the name to our mailing list and/or our phone call list. Our goal is to keep everyone updated and you can help us to ensure that we don’t overlook anyone.

Pastor Denise

Our Church is Important

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives in all sorts of ways. The closure or redefining of our schools, cancellation or redefining of our sports seasons, musical performances, and special events, the reordering of schedules, separation from extended family and friends, and the slowdown, if not complete shutdown, of local businesses in an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The crisis has resulted in our hearts being overwhelmed by feelings of frustration, anger, apathy, fear, loneliness and despair. It may be hard to believe, but our church is at work in and through this crisis.

Our church, in-person worship services or not, COVID-19 or not, is here for people. We are still active in our community, not active in the way of gatherings over ten people, but still active in the hearts of our members and in the thoughts of those who see churches as safe spaces and places of connection.

Just because we’re not holding Sunday services doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped being the church. We are here for our community, and we are here for our people.

At our best, church is about staying connected. Church assures us that even in these difficult times when it might feel like you’re alone, you aren’t.

You are not alone because the church has united us together in God. And even through this time of challenge and difficulty, God remains our hope and our strength.

4 Ways to Connect

Sunday Morning Worship 10 am on St. Andrew’s UMC Facebook or the South Sound YouTube Channel (you can view past Sunday services on this YouTube channel as well):


Tuesday Morning Prayer Group @ 9:00am Go to www.fumcoly.com Online Faith Formation Morning Prayer

Wednesday Afternoon Lectionary Class @ 2:00 pm Join Pastor Denise as we discuss the upcoming scripture for Sunday. Please call the church office with help joining this group.

Thursday Morning Bread of Life 10:30 am Contact the church for the zoom link (360-491-2030) or send us an email and we will send it to you. Church email is: saumc@comcast.net

Member Information Needed

On the back of this Nexus you will see a form that asks for some information about you. Please consider filling this out and returning it to the church (PO Box 3866, Lacey, WA 98509) so that we can make sure to celebrate your birthday. We are also working on a system where we are able to send a text to your cell phone in case of church opening or closing unexpectedly so if you have a cell phone please write that down as well.

Trustees Update

Hello Everyone:

The church painting project is well underway. As of this morning about one third has been completed. It is looking very nice.

  1. have, however, run into a serious problem on the east wall of the sanctuary. The gable end trim board was found with a one foot long rotten hole. After removing the trim board Roy (the painter) found about eight feet by two or more feet of the southeast roof gable ceiling area to be completely rotted and infested with carpenter ants. At first sight before the trim board was removed, we thought a simple fix would be to just replace the board. Not so! Several three-inch-thick double tongue and groove ceiling boards are severely rotted, and the supporting gable end beam may be damaged as well. There is no alternative but to do the repair now. It is urgent that it be done before we get more rain.

I have contacted the Roof Doctor Company who has worked on our roof before. I plan to meet with them on Friday (tomorrow) to discuss repair.

We will need to use reserve funds to cover the repair cost which could be $5,000 or more. A three-foot section of the steel roof will need to be removed as well as some siding. I asked Kathy to have the exterminator company do a spot treatment to kill any ants.

A look inside the sanctuary between the false wall and east wall reveals much of the extent of the problem. I am sure more damage is hidden under the siding. It looks like we can replace the rotted portions of the ceiling decking boards by carefully sawing out the damaged wood and sliding in new tongue and groove pieces. The good news is that I salvaged the ceiling boards that came from the area where we installed the skylight during our remodel some years back. They are stored in our woodshed and are in good condition. This will make it easy to match the existing ceiling. None of the damage extends as far or even close to the false wall in the sanctuary. I will not be surprised to find additional damage under the upper siding.

I will know much more after we assess tomorrow with the Roof Doctor carpenters. It is likely we will not have a solid handle on cost until we start to take the damaged area apart.



Happy Birthday to:

6– Sherrod Shiveley

9– Kathy Bowen

9– Barbara Clarkson

11– Janie Stover

14– Boni Lenahan

16– Charlotte Barber

19– Adelyn Regan

21– Sue Chase

24– Mary Beale

26– Bea Aho


Happy Anniversary –


7– Rich & Jan Green

12– Ray & Betty Gluth

22– Glenn & Linda Gerth


Prayer Requests


You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.


Please pray for God’s peace & presence St. Andrew’s Families:


—Dave Reed

—Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Vi Statler

— Bob & Lillian Carr

—Tom Lund

—Carol Nichols

—Mary Novy

—Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley

—Phil & Pat Latimer

—Dr. John Britcher

—Bea Aho

—Bill Bush

—Sumi Atkins

—Sara Lyon

—Mary Novy

—Greg Leppert

—Robin Eagen

—Donna Brooke

—Lois Brighten

—Boni Lenahan

—Pastor Denise



Cooperative Youth Ministry

Annual Conference 2020 needs YOU!

As you may know, Annual Conference is a phrase we use in two ways. First, we are part of the Pacific North Annual Conference of the UMC, which is a geogrphaic region led by Bishop Elaine Stanovsky. Second: each year Methodists (clergy and laity) from our region come together at Annual Conference for worship, to comission and ordain new elders and deacons, and to vote on matters pertaining to our life together as Methodists. Each local church sends voting delegates. In addition to these delegates, there are other opportunities to share your voice and your vote at annual conference: by applying to be a youth delegate or young adult delegate.

Let us know if you’d like an application.


R.E.A.C.H. Program

Did you know that our R.E.A.C.H. Literacy Center is now a 501(c)3 ? If you’d like information on our progress or what the REACH Program is please call the church office. We would love to share our excitement with you!


How Can We Support You??


  1. We have September/October Upper Rooms available at the church. If you would like one please call the church office and we will get one to you.


  1. Do you need a cloth mask or two? We have some wonderful quilters and sewers that have brought them by the church for us to hand out. We have adult and children’s sizes available. If you need a mask please call the church office and we will get them to you.


  1. Updated Church Directories are available by calling the church office. These needed to be printed on an as needed basis, but if you give us a call we can send you one.


  1. Are you getting the Online Devotionals and Prayer Requests? If not, please call and let us know. We would like to keep you informed and connected to our church family.


  1. Are you new to St. Andrew’s and need a call from the Pastor? We’d love to get you connected, just give us a call at 360-491-2030.



Are we missing information on you? Have you seen your birthday or anniversary in the Nexus? Please fill this out and mail it back to the church so we can update our records.


Address:_______________________________________________________________Home Phone Number: ________________Cell Phone Number: _________________

Name: ______________________________Birth Date: _________________________

Spouse’s Name: ______________________Birth Date: _________________________

Children (under 18 living with you): Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Marital Status: Married Widowed Single/Separated

Anniversary Date: __________________________

Emergency Contact (preferably someone not living with you who can be contacted in case of emergency) : Name: ___________________ Phone Number: _____________



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