#18 A Nexus Weekly Newsletter 2020 #18

#18 A Nexus Weekly Newsletter 2020 #18

News from Pastor Denise

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not yet see.”

These are the first words of the famous “faith chapter” in Hebrews 11. The author of Hebrews goes on to list some of the heroes of faith whose lives are recorded in the stories of the Bible: Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Rahab, and more. In addition to being part of the unfolding plan of salvation that God orchestrated down through the ages, these individuals all had something in common. They had an ability to be certain of some things even without proof. They had an ability to believe and to have hope with confidence. They had faith.

Faith is a treasure. It is also a gift. And faith is what I am most interested in and curious about these days. God grows faith in the hearts of God’s beloved people by offering us opportunities to step out of our safe patterns and to trust in God’s leading and guidance. God opens a door, and we walk through it. Abraham didn’t know where he would end up, but he knew God would be with him. Moses didn’t enter the Promised Land, but he experienced God’s presence in an intimate way. Each of these heroes of faith saw just enough of the path ahead to take a few steps forward, and trust that God would continue to show the way. For God is faithful, and has promised never to forsake us.

As I write this pastor’s page, the Thurston County School District has recently been advised by the state health department to have schools remain online for the fall term. This step has implications as to whether our church will be allowed to open in the fall, and we will not open unless we can do it safely. Even as St. Andrew’s hopes for a September reopening, it is dependent upon our state and our Bishop.

Walking by faith is sometimes like this. We might not be able to see very far. Our lives can be clouded by discouragements and changes both major and minor, and it is difficult to maintain hope and confidence when we can’t see where we’re going. But by faith we can follow as Jesus leads us forward, one step at a time.

May our Lord give us faith. May Jesus stretch and grow our faith. May we be reminded daily of His love and guiding presence in our lives. And even when we can’t see everything clearly, may we believe and trust that He is in control!

With love, joy, peace and faith from

Pastor Denise

Virus Alert Process

As we get closer to our time of reopening, we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the substantial safety procedures that we have put into place. There will be posters throughout the church reminding us of our responsibilities to keep everyone safe.

If you or anyone in your household test positive for the virus, or is placed in quarantine because they have come into contact with someone who tested positive for the virus, please alert the church office as soon as possible so that we can take the appropriate precautions.

We thank you for your cooperation.

4 Ways to Connect

Sunday Morning Worship 10 am on St. Andrew’s UMC Facebook or the South Sound YouTube Channel (you can view past Sunday services on this YouTube channel as well):


Tuesday Morning Prayer Group @ 9:00am Go to www.fumcoly.com Online Faith Formation Morning Prayer

Wednesday Afternoon Lectionary Class @ 2:00 pm Join Pastor Denise as we discuss the upcoming scripture for Sunday. Please call the church office with help joining this group.

Thursday Morning Bread of Life 10:30 am Contact the church for the zoom link (360-491-2030) or send us an email and we will send it to you. Church email is: saumc@comcast.net

Reopening Update

St. Andrew’s is still hoping to be able to reopen for limited worship on September 13th, but we have not received a final approval from our Bishop. In the meantime, the South Sound Church Cooperative will continue with online worship until November. At that time we will reassess if we should plan online worship to continue into the new year. We will keep you posted as decisions are made.

Luau Drive Thru & Matching Grant for Preschool

Thanks to all who helped make our Luau Drive-By so special. What fun, and what a joy it was to see everybody who was able to come out. We raised $ 5,851.22 for our Preschool, helping so many families in our area. What a supportive church we attend, and what a wonderful place we live in, filled with such great people! Here are a few pictures from Sunday... SAUMC will have the pictures.!

Are you in need of a Mask?

For some time, the CDC has been recommending that everyone wear cloth masks while in public. If you are in need of a mask, or an extra mask, please contact the church. Thanks to a number of our church “angels”, we have a supply of adult and child-size masks to help you to stay safe and to keep others safe. If you are in need, please contact the church.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help keep you and your family safe while wearing masks.


  • wear a mask when running essential errands
  • practice 6-feet+ social distancing, even with the mask on in public
  • take the mask off by the ear elastic when you get home and wash it as soon possible
  • wash your hands for 20 seconds after removing the mask and on a regular basis


  • touch the mask without washing your hands
  • play with the mask while wearing it
  • take the mask off by grabbing the center fabric near your mouth and nose
  • share masks with others in your household without washing them first

Update on Members


Robin Eagen - At last report from Robin herself, she was still in the ICU at a Portland hospital but was feeling like she is doing better. Her thoughts are that she will be able to return home soon.


Donna Brooke - Has moved into her apartment and is doing fairly well. She would love cards and calls. Her address is: 1835 Circle Lane SE Apt #109, Lacey, WA 98503. Please call the church office if you would like her phone number. (As reported by John Gerth)


Boni Lenahan - Boni took a fall at home and hit her face and head on the floor. She is home recovering.

If you have spoken with someone that needs prayers, please call the church office and fill us in so that we can get it out to the congregation. (360-491-2030)

Happy Birthday to:

1 - Barbara Ullmann

5 - Bill Bush

5 - Heidi Seldomridge

14 - Thomas Shiveley

19 - Lois Mae Best

20 - Marcia Baldwin

30 - Lillian Carr

30 - Todd Stover

31 - Sybil Thompson

Happy Anniversary –

8 - Dayton & Mary Jean Grimes

21 - Steve & Karen Speer

27 - Walt & Boni Lenahan

29 - David & Ginny Miller


Prayer Requests

You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.

Please pray for God’s peace & presence St. Andrew’s Families:

—Dave Reed —Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Vi Statler — Bob & Lillian Carr

—Tom Lund —Carol Nichols

—Mary Novy —Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley —Phil & Pat Latimer

—Dr. John Britcher —Bea Aho

—Bill Bush —Sumi Atkins

—Sara Lyon —Jerry McKusker

—Greg Leppert —Dolores Todd

—Donna Brooke —Lois Brighten

—Robin Eagen —Boni Lenahan


Are we missing information on you? Have you seen your birthday or anniversary in the Nexus? Please fill this out and mail it back to the church so we can update our records.


Address:_______________________________________________________________Home Phone Number: ________________Cell Phone Number: _________________

Name: ______________________________Birth Date: _________________________

Spouse’s Name: ______________________Birth Date: _________________________

Children (under 18 living with you): Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Name: _____________ Birth Date: _________

Marital Status: Married Widowed Single/Separated

Anniversary Date: __________________________

Emergency Contact (preferably someone not living with you who can be contacted in case of emergency) : Name: ___________________ Phone Number: _____________



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