#13 July Nexus Weekly Church Newsletter 2020 #13

#13 July Nexus Weekly Church Newsletter 2020 #13

News from Pastor Denise

Well, the weeks have stretched into months, and the months have stretched into more months. While we are closer to reopening for worship, we aren’t quite there yet.

Though, as I think about it, our church has never really closed; perhaps the building to a large extent, but not the true Church, which is the people. We are still worshiping, serving, praying, connecting, giving, and filling the needs of our souls and our communities.

This month, I have been reading the Book of Philippians. Most scholars believe this book of joy, encouragement, and challenge was written at time when the apostle Paul was confined to a prison in Rome, his own type of Shelter-in-Place at the time.

Despite the fact that Paul’s freedom was restricted, he still looked for ways he could express his faith, sharing, caring, and witnessing to those around him as well as to those who were far away. This letter is full of hope, rejoicing, and expectation. Paul didn’t let his situation paralyze his correspondence or curtail the opportunities for him to live out his faith. He took time to reflect on how his situation could bring him closer to God and how his response could continue to advance the gospel, chained or not.

It’s a great letter to peruse while our movements are restricted but our voices and our other abilities to connect are not. I hope that during this summer you will take time to read Philippians. As you consider how Paul responds to his situation, consider as well how you can respond in a way that speaks of your hope, joy, and peace.

Thinking of you always,

Pastor Denise


Re-Opening Plan

A group of our church leaders have been gathering often to construct a plan for our church reopening for Sunday Services. Once this plan is put together it will be sent to our District Superintendent Kathleen Weber for her approval and also her questions and corrections. This plan once established will be shared with the congregation.

As with the governor and his 4 phase plan our Bishop also has a 4 phase plan. Currently the United Methodist Churches in our conference are in Phase 1 and are requesting to move to phase 2. (This doesn’t coincide with the governors 4 phase plan.) We are moving at a much slower pace in order to protect our most vulnerable folks that attend services.

If you would like more information on what’s happening with our conference during this Covid time please log into https://greaternw.org/bishops-covid-19-notice-7-june-16-2020/

This page has letters from the Bishop and describes where/what phase we are in at this time.


Drive Thru Celebration

On Sunday, July 5th from 12:30 - 2:00pm we will have a drive thru celebration in St. Andrew’s Parking Lot to celebrate Pastor Denise’s birthday.

Pastor Denise will be there to greet you (following COVID-19 restrictions, please stay in your car) and offer a wave and a smile. Pastor Denise will hand you your weekly Nexus, an Upper Room devotional (while supplies last & if you want one). If you want to hand her a birthday card that would make her day! She will also be collecting Food Bank donations in honor of her birthday, so if you have anything extra in your pantry bring it by and we will get it to the Food Bank.

By doing this we are hoping to see your smiling face and assure you we are still here and we will be together soon!


Lectionary Study Group

Greetings All,

Join Pastor Denise:

Lectionary Study Group

Have you ever wanted to comment on one of my sermons, or wanted to know why I focused on one area at the expense of another area? Have you ever been interested in learning more about the context of a particular biblical story? Well, I am interested in your comments.

I am holding a Lectionary Study Group via zoom. We would get together each week to look at the text that will be preached on the coming Sunday. The class time would be one hour.

If you are interested in attending, let’s plan to get together every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. Please call the SAUMC office for link.

All are invited, and I hope to see you.

Pastor Denise


Trustees News

An active crew has been pruning low hanging branches on the church campus over at least two days this month and one more in early July. The crew is: Dayton Grimes, Gary Skaar, Bruce Kauffman, Bruce Baldwin, Tracy Slay and Ken Russell. They have hauled many full tractor-drawn trailers of branches to the brush pile. The major pruning project burns up virus stay home itis, allows social distancing, and makes the campus into a showplace! Even "Clyde" the memorial English oak on the southwest corner got a haircut!



Update on Members

Lois Brighten - Is still at Mother Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center recovering from her car accident and wound. The exciting news is she may get to come home July 8 or July 9. Prayers for her continued healing and return to her home. (As reported by Kathy Bowen)

Dolores Todd - Today shows a little progress, again, but too slow for us. She is less dizzy when she sits up or gets up with assistance. She has had a problem with her sodium being too low for years. In the past day it went very low. now it is a balancing act. If it is too low it can make her concussion syndrome worse but if corrected to fast it can cause a worsening of her injury. The blood pressure is under control. BM's OK despite laying in bed and a hospital diet with fluid restriction. It looks like she will be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks to all for the prayer's. (As reported by Bob Todd)

Sumi Atkins - Sumi is home and says she sleeps a lot. Not feeling too bad. (As reported by Boni Lenahan)

Donna Brook - She is doing well but still in great pain. She hopes to get a pain pump and to move to an apt. in August. (As reported by Pastor Denise)

Lillian Carr - Is still under going cancer treatment and can use your prayers for healing. Please also pray for Lillian’s husband. He is currently undergoing radiation for cancer as well.

Barbara Clarkson - Barbara knee surgery went well and is home resting and recovering. I have seen her and she is getting around really well. Still needs to have her other knee done. (As reported by Kathy)

Ken Russell - Had eye surgery a few weeks back and is recovered and doing well. Seeing better now than he has in quite a while.

Bea Aho - Is at Mother Joseph’s for care. (Not sure of the reason she is there.)

Carol Nichols - Is home and dealing with some foot trouble. Waiting to see her doctor. She is in good spirits and upbeat.

Prayers for Don Sattelbergs Family. He passed away on June 2nd.

Prayers for Richanrd (Dick) Hinchcliffe’s Family. He passed away on June 20th.

If you have spoken with someone that needs prayers, please call the church office and fill us in so that we can get it out to the congregation. (360-491-2030)

Happy Birthday –

1-Virginia Berney

5-Pastor Denise Roberts

8-Sandra Dlugosz

9-Daryl Mills

10-Dottie Simonsen

11-John Shiveley

17-Connie Reed

24-Mary Jean Grimes

25-Terri Tyler

29- Sally Bush

31-Duane Ullmann

Happy Anniversary –

9 - Chris & Jessica Byers

22-Dennis & Jeanie Taylor

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, or if you are new to our congregation, please call the church office (360-491-2030) or write it on your attendance card Sunday so we can update our records.

Prayer Requests

You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.

Please pray for God’s peace & presence St. Andrew’s Families:

—Dave Reed —Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Vi Statler —Lillian Carr

—Tom Lund —Carol Nichols

—Mary Novy —Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley —Phil & Pat Latimer

—Dr. John Britcher —Bea Aho

—Bill Bush —Sumi Atkins

—Sara Lyon —Jerry McKusker

—Greg Leppert —Dolores Todd

—Donna Brooke —Lois Brighten

—The Family of Don Sattelberg

—The Family of Richard Hinchcliffe

Church Directory

Have you lost your church directory? Do you need to connect with new members? Please call the church office (360-491-2030) or email Kathy at saumc@comcast.net to get a replacement.

Children & Youth Ministries

Youth Group Hiatus for June/July

Shortly after the stay-home order was put in place for our state we began offering a weekly virtual gathering for our youth. It has been a joyous time to get to know some of our young people better and be in prayer together during this season.

After prayer and discernment we have decided that co-op youth group will take a break from virtual gatherings for the month of June. Your youth ministry leaders will be spending the month in conversation and relationship building with the youth through phone calls, texts and emails (cc'd to grownups for safe sanctuaries purposes) while we dream for what youth ministry will look like in July, August and beyond.

There are many factors that will help us determine what we do next, including the Bishop's guidelines that in-person youth ministry cannot resume until Phase 4 (of the Bishop's phased re-opening, not the state's plan). But the most important factor is input and leadership from the youth themselves. We look forward to hearing your ideas and your dreams!

Blessings to you all for the coming month!

Three Ways to Connect

Sunday Morning Worship

10 am on St. Andrew’s UMC - FaceBook or the South Sound YouTube Channel (you can view past Sunday services on this YouTube channel as well):

Tuesday Morning Prayer Group

9:00 am - Go to www.fumcoly.org Online Faith Formation Morning Prayer

Thursday Morning Bread of Life

10:30 am Contact the church for the zoom link (360-491-2030) or send us an email and we will send it to you. Church email is: saumc@comcast.net



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