#10 May Nexus Weekly Church Newsletter 2020 #10

#10 May Nexus Weekly Church Newsletter 2020 #10

News from Pastor Denise

As I think about the continuing racial tension in our country, I am reminded of our nation’s sometimes sordid and sometimes magnificent history and I pray for our future. I pray that we can one day be one nation under God. I pray that we can leave a legacy of love to our children.

I learned about race as a young child. One of my memories is of my parents having a conversation about the bombing of a black church in Birmingham. I remember them lamenting, are we ever going to be able to keep our children safe.

16th Street Baptist was a large and prominent African-American church located in downtown Birmingham AL. On September 15, 1963, just before 11 am, instead of rising to begin the worship service in prayer, the congregation was knocked to the floor as a bomb exploded under the steps of the church. Four young black girls, ages 11 to 14 years, were killed in the blast.

This heartbreaking poem presents a conversation between a mother and daughter. The child wants to join the Freedom March but is told she can’t because it’s too dangerous. Instead, she goes to church. Her mother is confident in her child’s safety at the church. In the last two lines, the poem reveals the horrible truth.

Ballad of Birmingham

by Dudley Randall

"Mother dear, may I go downtown

Instead of out to play,

And march the streets of Birmingham

In a Freedom March today?"


"No, baby, no, you may not go,

For the dogs are fierce and wild,

And clubs and hoses, guns and jails

Aren't good for a little child."


"But, mother, I won't be alone.

Other children will go with me,

And march the streets of Birmingham

To make our country free."


"No baby, no, you may not go

For I fear those guns will fire.

But you may go to church instead

And sing in the children's choir."


She has combed and brushed her night-dark hair,

And bathed rose petal sweet,

And drawn white gloves on her small brown hands,

And white shoes on her feet.


The mother smiled to know that her child

Was in the sacred place,

But that smile was the last smile

To come upon her face.


For when she heard the explosion,

Her eyes grew wet and wild.

She raced through the streets of Birmingham

Calling for her child.


She clawed through bits of glass and brick,

Then lifted out a shoe.

"O, here's the shoe my baby wore,

But, baby, where are you?"


Brothers and sisters, we have got to do better. May we all be of one accord that liberty and justice for all truly means all. Let us do all that we can to bring God’s kingdom to earth, this day and every day. In Christ’s name.

The struggle continues,

Pastor Denise

Coming Soon: Lectionary Study Group
Greetings All,

Have you ever wanted to comment on one of my sermons, or wanted to know why I focused on one area at the expense of another area? Have you ever been interested in learning more about the context of a particular biblical story? Well, I am interested in your comments.

I am starting a Lectionary Study Group via zoom. We would get together each week to look at the text that will be preached on the coming Sunday. The class time would be one hour.

If you are interested in attending, let’s plan to get together next Wednesday at 2:00 pm. The zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82286125796

All are invited, and I hope to see you.

Pastor Denise

What will Church look like when we come back?

We have been working on a plan to reopen the church and what it might look like when we are able to return to Sunday Worship. Thank you to Gary Skaar, Craig Eagen, Dayton Grimes and Bruce Kauffman for moving our pews 6 feet apart. Pastor Denise and the Worship Team are working on the plan that will be presented to our District Superintendent Kathleen Weber and await her approval to reopen.

We do not have a date yet, but we will let you know just as soon as we do. So, please, reach out to your church friends and check on them. Make sure they are healthy and catch up on what you have been missing. Now is the time to stay together and keep in touch while we are all still hunkered down at home waiting to see each other.



Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 21st

Here are some interesting things to know about Father’s Day. Isn’t Wikipedia wonderful?

  • Many of us are probably aware that the holiday of Mother’s Day began at the initiative of Anna Jarvis. You might even know that it was first celebrated at St. Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, WV in 1908.
  • But did you know that Father's Day actually began in Spokane, WA. It was started by Sonora Smart Dodd originally from Arkansas. Its first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910. Dodd’s father, Civil War veteran William Smart, was a single parent who raised six children. Dodd felt that like mothers, fathers should have a similar holiday honoring them.
  • Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. I know that not all fatherly relationships are good, however, in this next week, I hope that you are able to take some time to say a prayer of thanks to the men in your life who gave you love, encouragement, support and guidance. And I pray that you are able to pass on that blessing and to do the same for someone else.

Church Grounds

The church campus has been especially beautiful this spring. The rains have been spaced out nicely so that everything has just the right amount of moisture. The grass has never looked better. The flowering trees are and were spectacular! Bruce Kauffman high mowed the ivy beds which takes out tall weeds and keeps the ivy under control. Tracy Slay has been using the weed eater around trees and the preschool playground. The many memorial trees that are planted around the campus are becoming very visual as they thrive and grow. Our five person mowing team; Gary Skaar, Bruce Kauffman, Dayton Grimes, Tracy Slay, and Ken Russell rotate over the seven to ten day cycles. Thankfully, the mowing cycles stretch out a bit as summer arrives. The moles are staying in the background. A winter “drag” with a tractor drawn parking barricade flattened the hundreds of mole hills and new ones are much reduced.

Drive through the parking lot and have a look. Your presence is important as it provides security and signifies that the church is not abandoned.

~Ken Russell

Here are a few thoughts for opportunities that are offered in this season:

This is an opportunity for families to practice their faith together. If there were one thing I would most passionately encourage it would be this: If you are a part of a family living under one roof, find a daily rhythm to express your faith in a concrete way. I would encourage you to think about enacting practices that you can continue on the other side of COVID-19.

Pray before meals. In a time when families are home alone together far more than normal, don’t miss the opportunity to eat meals together. And when you do, set aside one minute before you start eating to say a prayer. As you enter into this routine, you can encourage everyone in the family to say a short prayer of thanks for the provision for this meal.

My experience has been that children enjoy praying out loud. It is also a great opportunity to allow them to bring their concerns to the Lord, which also helps us have another vantage point into the hearts and minds of our children.

If you haven’t done this together as a family before, it may initially feel awkward or uncomfortable to you. That is ok! The key question, from my perspective, is this: Do you want comfort more, or do you want your kids to grow in their faith? I promise you that if you take this step you will not regret it.

Read scripture together as a family. My family does this as a part of our evening routine. There are a variety of Bibles you can choose from to do this based on the age of your children. Each member of the family shares what they are thankful for from the day and then we read a passage of scripture. This would be a great time to simply choose one of the Gospels and read a section each evening. Any are great. If I had to recommend one to start with today, I would recommend the Gospel of John. After the Bible reading, someone closes with a prayer giving thanks for the day and anything else they want to pray for.

Honor the Sabbath. This is for everyone, regardless of whether you have children at home. Be intentional about observing the Sabbath. We made an intentional effort to worship together as a family. We connected with a broader church community and sang songs together in our living room, said the Apostles’ Creed, and Lord’s Prayer together. We also heard a passage of scripture read and preached. Our kids stayed engaged and seemed to enjoy it. Family worship together is wonderful, but I would also encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to connect with your faith community through online worship.

Sunday was also a day that we intentionally slowed down. We played together. We went for a family walk. We intentionally paid less attention to the news and social media accounts. We rested.

Taken from an article written by: The Rev. Kevin M. Watson who is an assistant professor of Wesleyan & Methodist Studies at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. This article was originally posted March 17, 2020, at vitalpiety.com and is republished with permission. Follow Watson on twitter at @kevinwatson and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VitalPiety/.

Happy Birthday –

7-Shantel Rose

16-Steve Speer

20-Jessica Byers

20-Arland Michel

25-Sammi Schoeben

Happy Anniversary –

7-Bob & Dolores Todd

12-Bill & Sally Bush

12-Bob & Joyce Scheuerman

20-Bruce & Nancy Kaufmann

22-Bruce & Geri Baldwin

30-Robert & Lillian Carr

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, or if you are new to our congregation, please call the church office (360-491-2030) or write it on your attendance card Sunday so we can update our records.

Prayer Requests

You are invited to call in your prayer request to the church office (360-491-2030) or to any time of the day or evening. If you get an answering machine, please leave the request or your name and telephone number.

Please pray for God’s peace & presence St. Andrew’s Families:

—Dave Reed —Jackie Hinchcliffe

—Dick Hinchcliffe —Vi Statler

—Tom Lund —Carol Nichols

—Mary Novy —Jim Martin

—Barbara Hawley —Phil & Pat Latimer

—Dr. John Britcher —Bea Aho

—Bill Bush —Sumi Atkins

—Sara Lyon —Jerry McKusker

—Boni Lenahan —Greg Leppert

—Donna Brooke —Lois Brighten

—Gary Skaar —Lillian Carr

—Amy Dickey & Family

Church Directory

Have you lost your church directory? Do you need to connect with new members? Please call the church office (360-491-2030) or email Kathy at saumc@comcast.net to get a replacement.

Children & Youth Ministries

Youth Group Hiatus for June

Shortly after the stay-home order was put in place for our state we began offering a weekly virtual gathering for our youth. It has been a joyous time to get to know some of our young people better and be in prayer together during this season.

After prayer and discernment we have decided that co-op youth group will take a break from virtual gatherings for the month of June. Your youth ministry leaders will be spending the month in conversation and relationship building with the youth through phone calls, texts and emails (cc'd to grownups for safe sanctuaries purposes) while we dream for what youth ministry will look like in July, August and beyond.

There are many factors that will help us determine what we do next, including the Bishop's guidelines that in-person youth ministry cannot resume until Phase 4 (of the Bishop's phased re-opening, not the state's plan). But the most important factor is input and leadership from the youth themselves. We look forward to hearing your ideas and your dreams!

Blessings to you all for the coming month!

Three Ways to Connect

Sunday Morning Worship

10 am on St. Andrew’s UMC - FaceBook or the South Sound YouTube Channel (you can view past Sunday services on this YouTube channel as well):


Tuesday Morning Prayer Group

9:00 am - Go to www.fumcoly.org Online Faith Formation Morning Prayer

Thursday Morning Bread of Life

10:30 am Contact the church for the zoom link (360-491-2030) or send us an email and we will send it to you. Church email is: saumc@comcast.net


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