10.21.2020 Devotional

10.21.2020 Devotional

Greetings Friends,

"They were walking along, talking, when suddenly a fiery chariot and fiery horses appeared and separated the two of them. Then Elijah went to heaven in a windstorm. Elisha was watching, and he cried out, ‘Oh, my father, my father! Israel's chariots and its riders!' When he could no longer see him, Elisha took hold of his clothes and ripped them in two." 2 Kings 2:11-12

I believe in the idea of a chosen family. That's no slight to my family of origin, whom I love dearly. But I love the idea that my family is made even larger by the fact that there are people dear to my heart with whom I share no legally-binding connection. I have spent most of my life, not with the physical presence of my biological family, but in the protective embrace of friends who have become my family.

Early in scripture, God makes it clear that a chosen family doesn't belong to any one community. Elijah and Elisha knew that. Elijah was the older mentor who taught Elisha, and who named him to be his successor as prophet of Israel. Though they were not father and son by any legal measure, their relationship was in every way just as real. Elijah became Elisha's spiritual father, teaching him the faith and preparing him for his work.

It's no surprise, then, that when Elijah disappeared into a whirlwind, Elisha mourned as only a son would. In accordance with tradition, he took the clothes he was wearing, and ripped them in two.

Too often we limit our definitions of family. We include only those who share a last name or a bloodline. But in the Bible we see God working to create families in much broader ways. Jesus's important descent from King David comes not through a bloodline but through Joseph, his adoptive father. Ruth and Naomi cross religious lines to form a family. John is told to see Mary as his own mother as Jesus hangs on the cross.

Our families teach us who we are, and who we can be. And sometimes God creates families for us in the most amazing ways. Thanks be to God.


God, thank you for the family I have, no matter what binds us together. Amen.

Blessings,  Pastor Denise


Prayer Requests:

Please pray for George & Sybil Thompson. George was back in the hospital last week and is now back to the care facility. Unfortunately, he is under a 2 week quarantine and Sybil isn't able to see him. It's a huge strain on both George and Sybil.

Please pray for Mark Lyon. He is in Kidney failure and is in need of a transplant. He has had a tough go of things and could use uplifting prayers.

Thanksgiving: Lillian Carr is doing well and is so thankful for all of your prayers.

Do you have a prayer request you would like to send out? Please call the church office to add to our list. 360-491-2030

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