09.30.2020 Devotional

09.30.2020 Devotional

Anti-Racist Film Club - October 1st, 5-7pm

You must register for this, it's through Zoom. Please contact Pastor Denise (revdeniseroberts@gmail.com) for the link

If you have been listening to the news recently, you know that race relations in America have been a topic of interest.  Our South Sound Church Cooperative would like to provide a forum for people to come together to find out more about the topic and more about what each of us can do to combat racism.  We will engage this topic as we view a variety of movies.

All are invited to participate in the Anti-Racist Film Club, a ministry of the Co-Op. This group will meet monthly on Zoom to discuss films made by or centered on the stories of Black people, indigenous people and people of color. The Anti-Racist Film Club's first discussion will be on October 1 st.  We will view the film Hidden Figures.  You can view the film on your own or join the zoom group at 5pm for a viewing.

Our discussion will begin at 7pm.  We will examine the themes and what the film can teach us about the role of race in film from production to viewing. The discussion will be led by Pastors Denise Roberts (St. Andrew’s), Heather Sparkman (Steamboat Island) and Amanda Nicol (Olympia First).

St. Andrew’s Outdoor Worship

Sunday, October 4 th   10:00am

Even though we were not successful on our first attempt, we are going to try this again. Join us on Sunday, October 4 th @ 10:00am for an outdoor worship service in the St. Andrew’s parking lot.  Come wave to your friends as we all enjoy a time of music, word and praise. We will have chairs, but bring a lawn chair of you like.  We will be socially distancing and masks are required. We want everyone to be safe.

Our Outdoor Worship is a great day to return your decorated Clouds for All Saints Day (found in this weeks Nexus) and to bring donations for the FORKids bags (We are currently serving 100 kids per week through Lydia Hawk Elementary School). We can use plastic grocery bags, individual sized boxes of cereal, individual sized bags of chips/cookies, fruit snacks, shelf stable milk boxes, ramen noodles and cup of noodles.

You can bring these items to the service and we will be collecting them on our tables outside.

Dear Friends,

It is fall.  The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and darkness is becoming more a part of our lives.

I have read that humans are the only species on this planet that wonders why the seasons change. Other species know that the seasons change.  By instinct, they hibernate or migrate with the change. But humans are the only ones that look around at the world, marveling at the changes and wondering why there are such changes.

Humans understand that against the framework of time and the universe, such changes cannot be stopped. Still, for all our wondering and pondering about the mysteries of change, we still have some fear of what the change might bring. In response to the fear, many of us prefer to hold on to the past, proclaiming that yesterday was a better day than tomorrow will ever be.

The darkness that I see creeping slowly over the face of the earth today is not because it is becoming fall and then winter with the days growing shorter and shorter. Rather, it is a darkness of the minds because there are those who see any sort of change as a threat rather than a promise.

There are times when changes should be opposed; there are times when change is necessary. In either case, the devil is in the details, and motives are not always pure. Align your heart and your motives with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Holy One, we thank you for your commandment that tells us to love you and to love one another as we love ourselves. Help us to be obedient so that our love is seen in our actions.  Amen.


Pastor Denise



St. Andrew's Charge Conference         

Sunday, October 11th, 1:00-3:00pm         

This will be conducted via ZOOM (More information in this weeks Nexus)

Prayer Request:

Bob & Dolores Todd:  For Family and for Dolores Todd, medical staff and caregivers) Update: Dolores had her surgery this morning and was in recovery by 9:15am. Doctors said she did very well and all went as expected.

Janie Haney-Stover:  My 93 year old Uncle Lindy in WV who continues to recover from Broken Femur and my cousin Beth his primary caregiver, Those touched by cancer and suffering from chronic pain. All those who are recovering from Natural Disasters. Peace and Unity in the World -All first responders

Prayers for Ken Russell as he prepares for surgery on Thursday of this week.

Don't forget that Mary Novy's 90th birthday is coming up and we are hoping to shower her with lots of cards.

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