06.04.2020 Devotional

06.04.2020 Devotional

Our devotion today is on the book of Job.

In case you don’t remember the story, Job is a healthy and wealthy man. He fears God and turns away from evil. He has a great family. His businesses are successful. He is considered blameless and upright in the eyes of the Lord.

One day, God and Satan are having a conversation, and God tells Satan that Job is a devout and upright man. Satan says the people don’t really care about God, they just want benefits. For these people, God is like a good luck charm. Satan says that Job has been blessed with wealth, a great family, land, animals, the whole nine yards. But if that were to change, Job would curse God. And so, the challenge is on.

Very quickly, Job loses everything, family, land animals, but no matter what happens, Job doesn’t deny God. Even after his wife and friends urge him too, Job remains faithful to God.

Job 13:15 reads, ‘Though he slay me yet will I hope in him. Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him’.

These words of scripture have strong Implications not only on the story of Job, but also on our story as a nation simultaneously built on the dehumanization of people of color, and also a nation built on hope. Black people and allies of people of color in this country seem to be losing hope that this situation of racial injustice will ever change.

It seems easy to understand Satan’s point of view that as long as things are going in a positive way, that Job’s faith remains solid. But it is a little more difficult to explain why Job's faith remains strong when things are falling apart around him.

I think that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King provides the most helpful and most hopeful answer. He doesn’t give us a churchy answer like 'everyone pray harder'. Instead, like Jesus so often did, Dr. King gives us a story. He gives us the story of IF faith and THOUGH faith.

If faith says that if all goes well, if life is prosperous and healthy, then I will trust in God.

Though faith says that though things go wrong, though evil is temporarily triumphant, though sickness comes and the cross looms, nevertheless, I am going to believe anyway and I will have faith anyway. Job had though faith, even when friends said give up on God.

I pray that we are people of THOUGH faith. It’s not easy, especially living in a country that desires to distort God’s creation, making it viable for some, and unattainable for others. Part of faith is about perspective. It's a matter of trusting in the promises of the Lord to renew our spirits, to always be with us and never forsake us, to stand for righteousness and truth, and to make a way out of no way. I believe and I trust that these things will come to pass. Still, I would like to see God’s kingdom come sooner rather than later, and I will fight towards that end.

May our Lord create a clean heart and renew a right spirit in all of us.

Pastor Denise

PS I invite you to listen to Rev. Dr. King’s remarks (skip the ads)


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