05.08.2020 Devotional

05.08.2020 Devotional

Greetings Friends,

For the past several weeks, my siblings and I have gotten together once a week on a zoom call. It’s great for me to see everyone since they are all on the east coast. As you might expect with any family gathering, online or in-person, when you get together, you start to share old family stories. It’s always a joy to see how we remember the same story in such different ways. Yesterday when we spoke, we reminisced over the time that my 7 year old sister told my pregnant mother that her belly was really getting fat and maybe she should think about wearing those ‘eternity’ clothes.

Lots of our family stories are about my mom. She was the youngest of nine kids, and her father abandoned the family when she was born. I don’t think that she had much of a childhood. When she was 8, she was sent to live with her older sister to help her raise her kids.

Later, when she married, my mom raised eight kids and suffered through three miscarriages at a time when having children defined the worth of a woman. She was an OK cook, but a great housekeeper. When she was in her 50’s, she and my dad adopted my 3 year old nephew so that he wouldn’t be placed in a foster home. What a great decision. My only regret about my mom is that I didn’t get to know her better. To be honest, my mom didn’t teach me much about the Bible, that was my dad. What my mom did teach me, and what I hope to never forget, is to be kind to people. She truly lived out the golden rule.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I suspect that many families are going to be reminiscing about their moms, the good the bad and the ugly, the forgivable and maybe even the unforgivable.

If you had or have a great relationship with your mom, consider yourself blessed and be thankful. If your relationship with your mom was not the best, I pray that you might find one positive thing that came out of the relationship, and focus on that. None of us is perfect. None of us fully knows the story of another person, and we are all formed by our experiences. This Sunday, as we reflect on our moms, step-moms or step-in moms, may we do so with the grace in our hearts that Christ has shown to us.

Pastor Denise


  January 2021  
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