04.01.2020 Devotional



For the past two weeks that our church has been closed, our Church Office has been fielding calls from members of our congregation who want to check on not only their friends, but all members of our church. They want to know if there are others that they should be praying for.

We have been adding people to our prayer list, and we thank you for your help in making calls, sending cards and letters and touching base through e-mail. It means a lot. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! It is such a joy to know that there are so many people keeping each of us in their thoughts and prayers, and not just in our church, but we pray for people all around the world. We are people of extreme connections. Being a Christian means that our connection extends across any and all barriers.

In our text this Sunday we see that this is true of Jesus as well. Just before Jesus makes his final approach to Jerusalem, he sends two disciples into a nearby village to find a donkey and a colt. The disciples are to take these animals, and if anyone asks, they are to say, "The Lord has need of them." These words are like a secret password. It seems that Jesus had a network of supporters extending far outside of Jerusalem. These supporters were keeping him in their thoughts and prayers. And now in the 21st century, we remain part of that network, praying and uplifting one another in the name of Jesus Christ.

Join us for online worship this Palm Sunday as Jesus continues his ride into Jerusalem. Our text is Matthew 21:1-11.


Pastor Denise

Congregation – a note from Rich

As I write this, I trust you, as are Jan and I, "hunkered" down in our homes hoping this ends soon. Enjoy the down time as best you can. Take walks, (but avoid others), read a book, putter in the garden, start or continue a hobby, call your kids every day, watch "wedding reception speeches" by the Best Man on U-Tube (some very funny), or arbitrarily pick a chapter in the "New Testament" to read each day and interpret what you believe it says. If you have other ideas, let me know so I can pass them on.

I am sure many of you have developed particular friendships with people at church. Call them, now and then, to find out how they are doing and let them know you are well. People who can really use your prayers & calls right now are: Dan and Amy Dickey, Pastor Denise Roberts (struggling with a hurt back), Lois Brighten (in Mother Joseph's Room #26), and Robin Eagen, recovering at home with bronchitis.

When Sunday comes around, I encourage you to go to the St. Andrew's web site http://laceysaumc.com/ (you can click right on this blue link and it will take you to our website.) at 10:00 AM and click on "Worship". It will take you to our online worship where you can find the Service being conducted by the Methodist churches in the Olympia area, of which Pastor Denise is a part.



Happy Birthday To:

Bruce Baldwin - April 1st

Ginny Miller - April 2nd

Mary Loomis - April 16th

Rich Green - April 19th

Sharlyn Russell - April 25th


Happy Anniversary To:

Craig & Robin Eagen - April 4th

Don & Virginia Stephens - April 4th


**If I have missed your birthday or anniversary, please send me and email so that I can update it in our records.

We pray that you are safe and comfortable at home. Please call the church 360-491-2030 if you have a prayer request, have an update for us, or just need to chat. We would love to know how you are doing. You can also email us at saumc@comcast.net to let us know how you are doing.

The Church and Church Office will be closed for the next few weeks and Pastor Denise and Kathy will be working remotely from their homes. Please remember to stay home and stay healthy. You can reach us by calling the church at 360-491-2030 or you can send us an email saumc@comcast.net

If you are sending mail to the church remember that we use a PO Box ONLY (we don't receive mail at the church's physical address).

Please send ALL mail to:

St. Andrew's UMC

PO Box 3866

Lacey, WA 98509

Please stay home and stay healthy. We are hoping to be together soon.

Love, Kathy


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