03.19.2020 Weekly Devotional



Throughout scripture we are told to ‘not worry, to not be anxious’. We are told, ‘do not be afraid, and cast your cares upon Him’. To many of us, these words are more of an annoyance than guidance. There is something in the DNA of humanity that makes us natural worriers.

We worry about what others think of us. We worry about our health and our wealth, or lack thereof. Some of us manage our worry fairly well, but for those of us who are naturally anxious, there is no limit to the possibilities of things to worry about. When it is a stronghold in your life, it becomes a way of life.

Right now, the Coronavirus is actively threatening both our lives and our way of life. Each day it seems that we hear about some new closure or something else that we can no longer do. It seems that our world is being made smaller and smaller. We are uncertain, and we don’t know what bad thing tomorrow will bring.

Well, here’s what we do know. We know God. We know the steadfastness of God. Let’s get together this Sunday to remind ourselves that we don’t need to live in fear and anxiety, and the only reason that we do so is because we choose it. Let’s talk about what it is to choose another way; not the way of scarcity, but the way of abundance – the way of life that leads to Christ.

Join us for a video message this Sunday at 10:00am.


Please just click this link (above - in blue) on Sunday and it will take you to the Co-Op worship service.

In Peace,


Joys and Concerns from Sunday

Prayers of the community as they are written on the Sunday attendance cards.

MaryJean Grimes - Prayers that Bea Aho finds another roommate. The person she was going to room with fell and isn't able to anymore.

Lois Brighten - Prayers for healing. My trip was cut short on the cruise ship due to all this unrest. Upon coming home I was in a very bad car accident and am in St. Peter's Hospital. I'm bruised very badly.

‘Circle of Prayer’

The ‘Circle of Prayer’ is 2 people each week from our congregation. These people are not ill or in need of special prayers. Instead this is an opportunity to pray for our community and lift each other in faith. Please pray for: Earl Cabe and Dan Dickey


Just a reminder that all events are postponed here at St. Andrew's for the foreseeable future. The church office will remain open and we are here to take your phone calls. Please don't hesitate to call!

Bread of Life folks - We have set up a "Zoom" test meeting for Monday, March 23rd @ 1:00pm. Please look at your emails from Pastor Denise so that we can continue to connect from the comfort of our own home.

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