02.26.2020 Weekly Devotional

Weekly Devotional 02/26/2020

We grieve the loss of one of our long time members. John Clark passed away last Saturday and we ask that you be in prayer for his family and friends. A Memorial Service will be held at St. Andrew’s on Friday, March 13th at 2:00pm followed by a time of fellowship and light refreshments.


I’m thinking of a young man who left college 10 years ago. He joined a consulting firm on the East Coast. He spent a bit of time on Wall Street, and then out West, learning how companies work. Three or four years ago he and a couple of others set up their own company. It was tough at first but soon it became quite a success. He had a chance to sell the company, but it meant too much to him to sell so soon. The company had become his life, his identity, his pride and joy.

A year ago, it all went wrong. The company slid into bankruptcy. The young man saw his dream disappear and his security, prestige, and self-esteem melt away with it. Four months later, his wife, mother and sister, have yet to find a way to even gently to refer to the subject with him. His life is shrouded in silence and dominated by the f-word: failure.

Join us this Sunday as we examine the experience of Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. Our text this week is Matthew 4:1-11.

In Peace,

Pastor Denise

Pastor Denise will be gone March 3rd - March 7th at the Board of Ordained Ministry. Bruce Baldwin will lead worship service on Sunday, March 8th.


Joys and Concerns from Sunday

Prayers of the community as they are written on the Sunday attendance cards.

Shirley Atwater – Prayers for John Clark, Bill Bush, Jim Martin, Mark Lyon and Bea Aho

Katherine Bush – Asking for continued Prayer for friends Jerry and Joan. As Jerry moves to a rehab facility after brain surgery to regain fine motor skills.

Virgil & Barbara Clarkson – Prayers for my family during this period of sorrow with the death of our grandson, Jeffery.

Amy Dickey – Prayers for Dan that he starts feeling better soon.

Jeff Jackson – Please keep Lois Brighten safe in her travels.

Jane Leppert – Prayers for Greg and Amie Leppert and Tim Ward.

Ken & Sharlyn Russell – Prayers for a neighbor who is dying of cancer. She is now on hospice. Pray for a quiet release and for comfort for her husband.

Steve & Karen Speer – Prayers for our son-in-law, Erek, who deploys for six weeks this Tuesday. Prayers for his safety. Prayers that our son, Ryan, finds a job soon.

Janie Stover – Prayers for a High school classmate and friend Michele Leach, who has Rectal Cancer. Prayers for my stepdaughter, Denise, she has left shoulder pain and prayers for her family. Joy to celebrate Savanah’s 12th birthday on the 25th. Prayers for all those touched by cancer and who suffer from chronic pain.

Daryl & Betty Cain-Mills – Prayers for niece, Melissa, who is having an MRI on Wednesday to determine what the spot they saw on her brain is.


Prayers for our Military Family Members

Bob & Sandy Wolf – Granddaughter, Lt. Courtney Wolf, U.S. Coast Guard stationed in Puerto Rico.

Greg & Jane Leppert – Grandson, Kris DeMonte, Marines

Duane & Barbara Ullmann – Col. Jon Ullmann, U.S.A.F. Retired, 2nd Lt. Tyler Ullmann, Air Force; Nick Ullmann, R.O.T.C. – Air Force; Private Alex Ullmann, U.S. Army

Marilyn Martin – Grandson, Chief Petty Officer Ryan Martin, U.S. Navy

Maggie Schoengarth – Son, Lt. Col. Tobey Humphries, Army; Grandson, Spec. Alek Adair, Army

Karen Speer – Son-in-Law, Sgt. First Class Erek Hartsell, Green Beret in the Army stationed at JBLM.

Bruce Kauffman – Grandson, Kari Timmerman U.S. Navy, Nuclear Submarine Electrician.


‘Circle of Prayer’

The ‘Circle of Prayer’ is 2 people each week from our congregation. These people are not ill or in need of special prayers. Instead this is an opportunity to pray for our community and lift each other in faith. Please pray for: Ray Gluth and Ginny Miller

Upcoming Activities

March 3 rd – 1:30pm REACH Meeting

March 3 rd – 3:00pm Finance Meeting

March 3 rd – 7:00pm One Promise

March 4 th – 6:00pm Praise Band

March 4 th – 7:00pm Choir

March 5 th – 10:30am Bread of Life Meeting

March 8th – Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 10 th – 11:30am Preschool Board Meeting

March 10 th – 3:00pm Staff Parish Meeting

March 10 th – 3:00pm Assemble FORKids bags @ the Food Bank

March 10 th – 7:00pm One Promise

March 11 th – 6:00pm Praise Band

March 11 th – 6:30pm Bell Choir

March 11 th – 7:30pm Choir

March 12 th – 10:30am Bread of Life Meeting

March 13th – Memorial for John Clark



Denominational News - If you want to keep track of denominational news go to: www.pnwumc.org

REACH for Literacy – We are working on plans for this summer’s reading program. If you want more information, want to help or have some ideas for us that will enhance our program; please talk with Maggie Schoengarth or Barbara Clarkson.

Life Practices Class at Tumwater UMC - Facilitators: Rev Denise Roberts (St. Andrew’s UMC ) and Cathy Raymond (Tumwater UMC) Do you want time with God, but reading the Bible or praying is not your thing. Maybe you are interested in new approaches to spirituality that better fit your modern lifestyle. Maybe finding answers to life’s most difficult questions through traditional means is not for you. Well, take heart; there are many ways to bring spiritual peace, well-being, gratitude and a sense of purposefulness in your life. Join us during this season of Lent as we introduce you to some everyday life Practices that can bring comfort, provide better lifestyle habits and help you to live with a deepened sense of vitality and connectedness. Class will take place at Tumwater UMC each Tuesday from 9:30 until 11:30. We begin on March 10th and end on April 7th. A light breakfast will be available. Please contact Pastor Denise or Cathy Raymond if you would like to attend. There is no cost and no advance materials are needed. Pastor Denise will leave from St. Andrew’s UMC each Tuesday at 9:00 am in case anyone wants to carpool.

Mission Opportunities

Trustees Projects - If you have a spare couple of hours, we have several projects that will be posted on the bulletin boards that we would love your help with. Simply leave us a note so we know it’s complete.

FORKids Weekend Food Bags – We are continuing to collect individual food items to fill bags for Lydia Hawk Elementary students that need food for the weekend. Please take a red bag from the hallway. These bags have a paper pinned to them with a list of things we need on it. You can keep the bag for your personal use.

St. Benedict’s Community Dinner –Saturday, March 28th @ 3:00 p.m. -This is held at St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church. St. Andrew’s takes turns cooking and everyone helps serve. In conjunction with St. Benedict’s Episcopal (910 Bowker Street, Lacey) we serve a hot meal for the homeless and low-income people in our community. Come help set-up, serve, clean-up. If you would like for information please contact Rich Green (360) 943-9290.

Quilters @ St. Andrew's - At our January meeting we were able to photograph and write descriptions for all the quilts in our inventory. The inventory is in a binder and quilts designated for sale are on the St. Andrew's website. Please visit the website or a Quilter if you would like to purchase a quilt or know of someone in need of a comfort quilt.

Our 4th Tuesday meeting will be March 24th from 10:00 until 2:00. We will continue to choose patterns and fabrics for Comfort Quilts for members of St. Andrew's congregation.

Join us for potluck lunch and fellowship at 12:00 or whatever time you can drop by. We encourage interest and creativity.

Barbara Ullmann 360-491-2693


Small Group Meetings

Bread of Life – Join as we share faith stories and our spiritual journey every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the Choir Room at church.

Luncheon Group – meets 3 rd Wednesday of each month. The next meeting is at the Mayan Restaurant on Pacific Ave. on February 19 th @ 12:30pm. For ALL singles (widowed, never been married, divorced, separated, etc.) Contact: Lois Brighten


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